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These Instagram Celebrities Are Applying Hair Extensions In Places You Wouldn’t Believe

These Instagram Celebrities Are Applying Hair Extensions In Places You Wouldn’t Believe

Beauty trends come and go, but some of them are so weird that we can’t look past them. The interesting thing about these trends is that all of them come from Instagram because this social media platform has a reputation for being filled with models that want to stand out from the rest. Nonetheless, this latest beauty trend is going to make you wonder what’s wrong with this world.

20. Nose Hair Extensions

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. The latest Instagram trend is getting nose hair extensions. Even though it might seem like this trend couldn’t get weirder, the next picture confirms that it does.

19. Lip Hair

Did this girl’s nose hair extension fall on her lip or what? I think people are making a mistake when they are associating weird with cool. Just take a look at how some other Instagram models are taking things another step further.

18. Nose Hair Accessories

I don’t know what’s funnier, the weird looking nose hair accessories or her crazy eyes? Let’s take a closer look at these accessories and see what they’re all about.

17. Mouth Breather

If there’s one thing I am sure about, it must be that breathing through the nose is not an option for these ladies. You never know what you might inhale. But the next photo is even more hilarious! 

16. Hairy Nose

Looking at this latest beauty trend, I can’t help but wonder what will come next? I doubt that there will be another trend which will top this one in terms of weirdness. After all, it’s their choice and if they like it, that’s cool with me. Have you seen the next photo?

15. Nose Eyelashes

Not to be mean or anything, but I can’t help from noticing that her nose hair is bigger than her eyelashes. Another thing that’s bugging me out is: do their noses get itchy? Choosing to have an itchy nose for the sake of beauty, now that’s a sacrifice most people are not able to make. But how do you take them off???

14. Easily Removable

On the bright side of things, these “eyelashes” are easily removable and if the trend passes away, which is going to, removing them will not be a problem. Let’s see how this trend kicked off.

13. Simple Joke

It seems like this trend started off as a joke. One girl took a picture with fake eyelashes in her nostrils as a joke but to her surprise, the trend caught on. Want to know what’s making this trend catch on so fast?

12. Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers are the ones who are bringing popularity to this trend. They are putting fake eyelashes in their nostrils as a joke and their followers are copying their every move. Check out what this beauty blogger said when she put hair in her nose.

11. Makeup Guru

“We’ve mainly focused on the eyebrows, but we’ve dabbled a little in the eyelashes so now really all that’s left is the nose” said one famous Instagram model that has millions of followers. Even though her sarcasm is obvious, her followers aren’t seeing it.

10. Having Fun

Nonetheless, these Instagram models are having fun with this trend and we can be sure they are doing it only for likes and laughs. The only thing we can do about this weird beauty trend is this…

9. Fading Trend

The only thing we can do about this trend is to hope that it starts fading and that it doesn’t catch on to the point that people go outside like this. If it does, this is going to make some conversations really weird. It will be impossible not to stare at their noses.

8. More Weird Trends

Would you ever rock nose hair like these girls are doing? Nonetheless, there are tons of other weird beauty trends and you better get ready because I am going to show you some of the weirdest ones.

7. Christmas Tree

The only thing she needs in order to make this the perfect Christmas makeup is a red nose to resemble Rudolf and some lights. While these eyebrows might look funny, we have to give it to her because this takes some serious makeup skill.

6. Eyebrow Crown

This eyebrow crown is the perfect makeup style for every Queen and Princess. To no one’s surprise, this makeup style is also originated from an Instagram model. Talking about cool eyebrows, you won’t believe what this next girl did to hers!

5. Zig-Zag Line

Did this girl’s hand start shaking while she was doing her eyebrows? Making both eyebrows the same shape must have been quite difficult, so props to her for that. The next Instagram model sports a classic look.

4. Uni-brow

And here I thought that uni-brows are frowned upon (pun intended). Truth be told, this look suits this girl.

3. Highlighter

I imagine that this girl’s highlighter didn’t match the color of her skin and she simply decided to highlight everything instead of buying a new one. While this makeup style might be cool and flashy, I am sure that you will run out of highlighters after a couple of days.

2. Bling-Bling

Fashion companies like Fendi and Chanel love to make their models look like this. This type of style makes the models grab everyone’s attention on the catwalk, but it doesn’t really work when going for a groceries run.

1. Pink Eye

Pink is a cool color that will make your eyes pop out. However, people who use this makeup are putting themselves at risk that others might think they are sick and contagious.