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Jaguar Leaps On Puppy But Separating Them Isn’t A Good Idea

Jaguar Leaps On Puppy But Separating Them Isn’t A Good Idea

Friendship in the animal kingdom can be a bit weird, especially when you hear about this next pair of best buds. If you look for Jaggy and Bullet and see a video of them, you’d be shocked in the first few seconds. But then, you’ll see that these buddies are just playing around in the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa.

How did Bullet the Jack Russell terrier become friends with Jag, the jaguar? Let’s see their awesome and unbelievable story from the beginning.

20. It Was a Shock

When people first saw a jaguar and a dog playing around, everyone held their breath, hoping the pup won’t get mauled to death. But then, their caretaker – Layla Cajee, explained that it was a romp between longtime friends…

19. The Large Predator

Expecting to see the pup as a snack for this fierce predator, people were then impressed when they heard the rest of the story. This pair lives at an animal sanctuary called Akwaaba Lodge, and that’s how their story started.

18. A Little Kitty

Jag, the jaguar, was young when he arrived at the sanctuary and he loved spending time with his new mom, the caretaker. But she knew that she couldn’t keep the jaguar forever. This is what she said…

17.Adoptive Mom

Cajee explains that ‘Every night Jag needed comfort so he took me in as a mum,’ but she knew that one day, Jag wouldn’t be a tiny kitty and something would have to be done. You won’t believe what happened next!

16. The Friendly Pooch

Jag was a happy kitty, but being alone made him sad, so Cajee knew that Bullet the friendly pooch will befriend the playful kitten: ‘as I could not let him sleep with me all the time, I put Bullet with him.’ It was a success!

15. Best Buds

‘These two struck it off straight away. They don’t leave each other alone,’ said Cajee. And she was happy that both animals were happy together. And it might sound crazy, but wait until you hear this…

14. They’re Brothers

‘They feed together, sleep together, do everything together. They are like brothers,’ added Cajee. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing these animals playing and having fun all day long. But Cajee had to change this and it proved to be a big mistake!

13. Getting Bigger

Jag was going to become an adult. As a baby and a teenager, he was allowed to wander around places but an adult jaguar wouldn’t. So, that meant that one day, Jag had to stay inside his large enclosure.

12. A Big Area of His Own

While it sounded great in our opinion for a big cat to play in his own huge territory, Jag was very sad. Bullet wasn’t there with him. Cajee feared that Jag would be too big for Bullet to play with, plus the feline wasn’t domesticated…

11. It Was a Disaster

Jaguars are not felines you can simply train not to attack a smaller animal, so it was better safe than sorry. Bullet had to stay away. However, for Jag and Bullet, separation was a disaster! You won’t believe what Jag did!

10. Jag Cried for 24 Hours!

The first time Jag got to his new enclosure away from Bullet, he cried a whole day. On the other side of the door, Bullet was guarding his friend, not leaving his side and trying to find a way to get inside.

9. A Tough Decision

Cajee was scared that Bullet could someday get hurt living with Jag, but seeing how much each suffered from the separation, she had to hope for the best and allow these best buds to live together once again.

8. It Was Pure Love

Their bond was so strong that they didn’t want to spend time alone. So when Bullet got inside Jag’s enclosure, the pair couldn’t be happier! Time passed and Jag got bigger and stronger, but it didn’t damage their relationship!

7. Bullet  is the Boss

It might sound weird, but in this pair the dominant one is Bullet. When Jag plays a bit rougher than Bullet allows, the jaguar will stop and take the cue from his doggie friend. How does Bullet manage the large feline?

6. Taking a Hint

‘Bullet is definitely the dominant one’, said Cajee. And then she explains that even though Jag is powerful, ‘if he’s hurting him or anything Bullet will growl and bark. Jag knows when to stop.”

5. A Great Friendship

It’s clear that these animals love each other and it doesn’t matter if they are not the same species. What’s even more interesting is that Jag sometimes thinks he is a dog and Bullet acts like a jaguar!

4. Understanding Animals

If you thought that you understand animals, then look at these guys and think again. We are far from knowing everything about them or the friendship between them, and this is the beauty of it!

3. Different Species, Same Love

Even though they are different species, this wild feline loves his bossy pooch, and nobody wants to set them apart, not after Jag cried so much for his best friend! Just look how great they are with each other…

2. The Sanctuary – A Dream Come True

If you look for, you will find more information on the sanctuary that takes care of Jag, Bullet, and many other animals. Their mission started with a man’s dream: Mr. Nazeer Cajee.

1. A Better Home

He has always wanted to become a vet, as he loves wildlife. Unfortunately, he couldn’t study due to apartheid. So, he later bought two lion cubs and then took in ‘abused animals, cubs who have been neglected by their mothers, animals who have been injured and even unwanted animals,’ offering them ‘a better future and a loving home.’