Fans of Game of Thrones loved Jason Momoa’s performance as Khal Drogo, the mean and powerful king of the Dothraki. Unlike actors who get the impact they want to deliver through words, Jason put it on how his body looked on screen. He was like a lion always hungry for battle – something that you won’t achieve without getting your body pumped up for action. What is the official Jason Momoa Workout and Diet plan?

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Jason Momoa Workout

Getting on screen for Game of Thrones made a way for Jason Momoa to get lead roles on movies. With his body, he must have a strict routine to maintain his powerful physique and impact on screen. In his early years, the Khal Drogo you know first hit the waves in surfing and rock climbing. To be able to achieve a barbarian-like form, he used these exercises in his routine.

Official Exercises of the Jason Momoa Workout

khal drogo jason momoa workout


To perform a squat, you need to stand straight and spread your feet in a shoulder-width distance. Now, bend your knees while pushing your hips behind. When you reach the lowest position, push your body back to the starting position.


First, load the barbell and place it against your legs. With an overhand grip, grab the bar while you bend your knees and hips. Without curving your back, get back to the starting position. Make sure you create tension in your glutes as you perform the exercise. Keep the barbell close to your body as you put it down on the ground.


In performing this exercise, you need to position your hands on the back of your head. Make sure that your arms and elbows are in-line with your shoulders. Perform a squat and jump as high as you can. Repeat this exercise required in the official Jason Momoa workout.

Medicine Ball Slam

This is a very simple exercise in the official Jason Momoa workout. Hold a medicine ball above your head and reach back before you slam it in front of you.

Dumbbell Swing

Grab a dumbbell with an overhand grip and perform a squat. Make sure to position the dumbbell between your legs with your right or left arm. With your hands straight to the ground, push your hips in front, and swing the dumbbell as you straighten the rest of your lower body. Get back to the starting position, switch the dumbbell to the opposite arm, and perform the exercise again.


This exercise in the official Jason Momoa workout for Game of Thrones combines squats and push ups. First, stand straight and lower your body like performing a squat. Once you reach the lowest position, place your hands against the floor and push your legs backwards, making the starting position of a push up. Now, perform a push up and push your legs back to your chest. Get to the starting position of the exercise and perform it again as required in the program.

Was There a Khal Drogo Workout Routine?

khal drogo jason momoa workout

The Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones will not achieve a powerful muscular form without an official routine. Unlike surfing and rock climbing, hitting the gym allows you to target specific muscles to get the form that you want.

What is the Khal Drogo Routine?

khal drogo jason momoa workout

Since Jason Momoa has quick and fierce roles to play, his routine was composed mostly of leg and shoulder exercises. Dumbbell swings and squats helped him develop his agility suitable for Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

His official workout routine for Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones is composed of six exercises which include squats, deadlifts, jump squats, medicine ball slams, dumbbell swings, and burpees. It is a high-intensity workout program composed of 5, 6 or 7 sets in each exercise. He starts with light weights first that will let him finish the entire routine. The exercises in Jason Momoa Workout and Diet program are divided into two groups for flexibility and endurance purposes.

Group 1: The Jason Momoa Workout for Khal Drogo

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats

Group 2: The Jason Momoa Workout for Khal Drogo

  • Dumbbell Swings
  • Medicine Ball Slams
  • Burpees

Each exercise in this Khal Drogo edition of the Jason Momoa workout is composed of seven repetitions in seven sets with a seven second rest in between sets. After finishing the entire set for each exercise, the number of repetitions, sets, and rest times is decreased by one. It goes on until the value or repetitions, sets, and rest times reaches five. If he still has the energy and time to perform other exercises, he continues his workout routine in performing the second group of exercises.

Jason Momoa Diet: Khal Drogo Edition

khal drogo jason momoa workout

In an official interview, the Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones admits that he enjoys drinking beer. Thus, it’s very important for him to have a high-intensity workout plan to burn more calories. The official Jason Momoa Workout and Diet plan consists of high-protein meals from chicken breast and peanut butter. In preparing for the movie “Conan the Barbarian”, his producer said that it was needed for him to get the energy he needs while maintaining the muscles he formed in his workout program.

Jason Momoa and Game of Thrones

It was Jason’s dream to be part of an HBO production. Since he had some friends working on HBO’s True Blood, he thought that it would be a great idea to sign up in the same production. After waiting for a few months, he got the Khal Drogo role in Game of Thrones and started preparing for it. The “Conan” role got to him first since he had to lose weight on screen. It was a different story since the Khal Drogo in the Game of Throne book is a bigger character.

Instead of hitting the gym, he also had to luxury to play Khal Drogo in real life – drinking and eating what he wanted. Jason Momoa was 10 pounds bigger while returning to the set of Game of thrones. In a flash interview, he jokes about *** as one of the things that keep him fit these days. After Jason’s role, Khal Drogo, died in the first season of the popular HBO series, he got ready for upcoming projects that will showcase his amazing body form and character.

khal drogo jason momoa workout