People have been so used with the evils of society, that acts of goodness are often eyed with skepticism. Such was the thought of Ann Clayton when a man handed her $10 while she was waiting to gas up. Sandra Coronado and Delores Jackson were also skeptical of the encounter. Most people would simplify things by saying that if it’s too good to be true, it most probably is.

In Jersey City, there’s Jemmie Adams. Who is Jemmie Adams? This do-gooder works as a manager at E-Commerce. One day, he decided that he’d start doing a daily good deed for thirty days by giving gifts to other people without expecting anything in return. He believes that humans are all connected to each other, and when people receive kindness, they extend that kindness to other people. With his acts of kindness, he hopes to start a spark that will spread to as many people as possible.

On the first day of Adams’ thirty day journey, he fed one person.

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On the second day, two strangers had free meals from him.

On the nineteenth day, which happened to be Valentine’s Day, he gave nineteen sheltered mothers long-stemmed roses and chocolates.

On the twenty-sixth day, he paid the fare for twenty-six public transit passengers (Adams had to get on three city buses after work to accomplish this day’s mission).

On the twenty-seventh day, he bought pizza pies for twenty-seven people in the emergency room of Jersey City Medical Center.

On the twenty-eighth day, he handed $10 dollar bills for gas to twenty-eight people.

On the twenty-ninth day, he delivered pizza pies to twenty-nine workers at a warehouse.

Adams chose thirty days to complete his mission because, according to him, that length of time is usually enough to get used to a routine. A childhood friend of Adams shows no surprise at his friend’s unusual kindness, saying that the man is a natural at giving. As a student, he neatly folded his old clothes and put them on his fence for anyone who might have need for them.

People still find Adams’ generosity odd, but he hopes to see that oddity become normal in the future.