When you think of karate and black belts, the karate chop and wood splitting often come to mind. But do you know that karate chopping through wood is actually possible if you know the proper stance? Yes, this can be done by a real newbie.

Chopping through wood may seem impossible for someone who doesn’t have any skills in karate, or any form of martial arts. But, it’s not entirely impossible, and if you want to be able to do this, read on. Below is a simple guide on how you can karate chop through wood like you’re a real martial artist.

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Karate Chopping Through Wood

Before you start learning how to chop your hand through wood, you should keep in mind that this is for the development of your survival skills, and not to be used to fight other people. This can be very dangerous if used in an improper way, so be sure to only use this in times of need.

Now that you’re aware of the things you shouldn’t do with this skill, you can now start learning how to do some chopping.

Know Your Weapon

The side of your hand is what is used to chop wood, located one inch from your wrist all the way up to your pinky finger. Make sure this is the part of your hand that you will connect with the wood to avoid injuries.

Know the Stance

One of the secrets of chopping a 2×4 with your hand is the stance. The right stance will enable you to flow your energy to your hand properly and smoothly, enabling you to give a blow that will break the wood. Put your dominant foot behind you, and put your dominant hand behind your head. Lift your non-dominant hand under your dominant armpit, and slightly bend your knees. This will enable you to send your strength towards your hand without any obstruction. Make sure that you maintain your balance.

The Chop

When doing the karate chop, turn your hip towards the direction of the wood, then hit the wood with your dominant hand. Make sure that as you do so, your dominant knee bends forward. This will enable you to karate chop the wood without much difficulty. When chopping wood with your hand, be sure to position the wood with its grain parallel to your hand. This will enable you to easily chop the wood without hurting yourself.