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Kids Send Balloons To Their Dad In Heaven And Got Back An Unbelievable Response!

Kids Send Balloons To Their Dad In Heaven And Got Back An Unbelievable Response!

Getting diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Fighting cancer is difficult and chemotherapy doesn’t always work. Sadly, this is the case of Kyle Cass who passed away after fighting brain cancer for three years. To make things even worse, Kyle Cass left behind his wife and two kids. On the bright side of things, an amazing turn of events happened after Kyle’s kids tried sending him balloons in Heaven.

20. The Kass Family

Kyle and his wife Samantha are the parents of two beautiful kids but sadly, cancer took Kyle away from them. Let’s meet the kids and see how they took their father’s death.

19. Kollin and Keagan

As you would expect, the young kids didn’t take their father’s death too well. They are too young to understand what cancer means, and why their father passed away. This is why Samantha had to come up with this great explanation.

18. Going to Heaven

Like any good parent would do, Samantha told her kids that their dad went to Heaven. Considering that the oldest kid is 5 years old, Samantha knew that they wouldn’t understand why cancer took their daddy away. 

17. Living Without Dad

After a while, the kids started coping with their father’s death and understood that he wasn’t around anymore. Samantha was doing her best to keep her kids happy, despite being a single mom that needed to struggle with bills and everything else. Keep reading to see what Samantha had to say about her life as a single mother.

16. Single Mother

Samantha said that being a single mother is the most difficult thing she ever faced. Despite this, she is always trying to keep a smile on her face and inspire confidence to their kids. Although, the kids started feeling sad when Father’s day came around. But Samantha had an idea!

15. Father’s Day

Father’s Day was just around the corner and the kids started asking Samantha about their dad. This was hard for her to take because she also missed Kyle. Luckily, Samantha proved that she is a clever mom when she came up with this great idea.

14. Message to Heaven

Samantha told her kids to write a letter for their daddy and to send it to Heaven. However, Samantha was surely not expecting a response letter!! Let’s see how the kids sent the letter.

13. Balloons

Samantha devised a clever way to send the letter to Heaven: she attached it to some balloons. As you can clearly see, this was bringing a smile on her kids’ faces. Keep reading to get a sneak peek of the letter.

12. The Letter

I am sure that Samantha was never expecting a response after she wrote down the destination “To: Daddy in Heaven”. Luckily, the letter ended up in the right place and the kids got a message from their dad. Check out how enthusiastic the kids were when they released the balloons.

10. Releasing the Balloons

Now that they knew their dad would read their letter, the kids couldn’t be happier. Samantha was still unsure if she was doing the right thing, knowing that no one was going to answer that letter and that their kids might be expecting a response. Luckily, the letter ended up in the right place.

10. Up, Up and Away!

A couple of days passed after Samantha and her kids released the balloon and something extraordinary happened, she received an unexpected Facebook message from a stranger. You won’t believe what Samantha had to say about this message.

9. Unexpected Message

Samantha said that the balloons ended up on a stranger’s porch and that he and his wife were moved by the letter Samantha’s kids wrote to their dad. But why would that stranger get in touch with Samantha, though?

8. Caring People

“A complete stranger taking the time to reach out and offer support and condolences gives me hope for humanity”, said Samantha about the Facebook message she receive. Although, sending condolences wasn’t enough for the strangers because they wanted to bring a smile on the kids faces.

7. Buying Gifts

The strangers who received the letter decided that they want to do something more for this grieving family. This is when they got in touch with Samantha once again and started asking her about what type of toys and treats her kids like. You won’t believe why they were asking about this.

6. A Gift from Heaven

The strangers wanted to get some toys that the kids would love and to send them as a gift from Heaven, from their dad. How do you think Samantha reacted to this amazing gesture?

5. Happy Times

At first, Samantha didn’t know how to feel about the amazing gesture that the strangers were making. However, she then realized that this was going to remind her kids about the good times when their dad was around. Let’s see what the strangers sent to the Cass kids.

4. Package From Daddy!

The kids couldn’t believe their eyes was they saw the package. Was this really from Heaven, from their dad? Nonetheless, their reaction was priceless. Let’s see what the kids got.

3. Teddy Bear

The girl got a teddy bear and we can tell from her smile that she loved this gift. But what did the boy get? Keep reading to see how much thought the strangers put into this package from “Heaven”.

2. Cool Car

Just like any other boy would, Kollin got super happy after seeing that his dad send him a cool car as a toy. This is an amazing gesture that the strangers did and it shows us that being good to others makes a huge difference.

1. Guardian Angel

Receiving the gifts wasn’t the only good thing to come out of this entire thing. The fact that the kids got a response to their letter is the most amazing thing because now they know that their dad will always be with them, as a guardian angel.