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Kitchen Knives: Five Essentials for Every Man

Kitchen knives and other kitchenware are often disregarded by men. Because this kitchenware is deemed to be used mostly by women, men don’t really pay attention to them. But, if you want to be better at cooking, you better know your knives. This will not only make you better in the kitchen but will also impress your friends and your girl, which will make you feel more masculine.

Whipping up dishes using just a single knife may be possible but it will not be the best dish that you can ever cook. Your culinary skills will be useless if you won’t use proper knives. Because the cutting of the ingredients will affect the taste and texture of your dishes, it is important to use only the right knives in cutting specific foods.

Meat, vegetable and fruits should be cut with different knives because they have different textures, hardness and shapes. Thus, you have to have the right type of kitchen knife to be able to cut, carve, fillet or peel your ingredients.

Kinds of Knives that Every Man Needs

If you want to be better at cooking or want to impress your friends or your girl in the kitchen, you better equip yourself with the right kinds of knives.

Here are the five types of kitchen knives that every man should have in his kitchen:

Chinese Cleaver

The Chinese cleaver is one of the most versatile knives that you can have. It can chop large meat and bones without much difficulty. It can also crush things, like garlic, because of its flat and broad blade. Plus, it is also useful for slicing things. Thus, it is a great knife to bring along on trips like hiking and camping.

Chef Knife

The chef knife is one of the best kitchen knives that you can ever have as it can cut anything. It is also quite easy to use because of its shape, which makes it feel like it is an extension of your arm rather than a kitchen knife.

Paring Knife

A paring knife is a smaller version of a chef knife. It is great for cutting, peeling and carving smaller items such as small fish, lemons and apples.

If you want to have a sharp and precise knife, you ought to have this.

Serrated Bread Knife

A serrated bread knife is not only great for cutting bread and crusty stuff but also good for cutting frozen foods like meat and cheese.

Yanagi (Japanese Carving Knife)

If you want to have a knife that will impress your guests, you ought to have this knife. This is one of the most expensive yet sharpest and most impressive kitchen knives that you can ever have.

This knife is used in cutting large tunas in Japan, which shows just how sharp this is. So, if you want to impress your buddies, use this to cut your steak during a get together.

Kitchen knives are essential in every kitchen. They can make or break your recipes. Thus, it is important to use the right kind of knife on your cooking so that your ingredients won’t be ruined by poor cutting.