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Kitten With Strange Features Found Love In The Cuddliest Labrador Ever

Kitten With Strange Features Found Love In The Cuddliest Labrador Ever

For Mojito, a labrador retriever dog, life with her humans was content and peaceful. She was a happy go lucky therapy dog who loved her owners to pieces. But what Mojito didn’t know was that her whole world was about to change…

20. Mojito the Therapy Dog

19. Spoiled to Bits

Mojito is used to being the centre of attention at home. Her humans Kim Downie and husband are always taking her on walks and giving her special treats. But how will she react when Kim and her husband introduce her to a new member of the family?

18. Abandoned Kitten

Kim Downie’s husband works at an emergency vet clinic and came across a kitten who was surrendered there during one of his shifts. He was so tiny, weighing just over ½ pound and was only weeks old. The poor thing has so many issues that no one would likely ever adopt him. Downie had to do something…

17. Health Issues

Downie knew that there were health issues with the poor kitten and called his wife immediately to tell her about him.

16. Strange Features

The poor little kitten had signs of brain injury and neurological issues that the vet wasn’t sure he’d ever recover from. Along with this, the kitten also had some strange features… 

15. Deformities

The kitten would need a very special someone to be willing to adopt him. He had a handful of health issues as well as some strange features. The kittens’ paws were very deformed and he appeared to have extra toes growing out the sides of his tiny paws.

14. Adopting the Kitten

Downie did what he thought was right and decided to adopt the kitten and bring him home to Mojito. But would Mojito accept this new feline into her home?…

13. A Mother Figure

The kitten was desperately in need of someone to love and care for him and the Downie’s believed that Mojito would become the perfect mother figure for him. As soon as Mojito met the little one, it was love at first sight!

12. Taking Him In As Her Own

Mojito saw past the fact that he was a kitten and his extra toes didn’t seem to phase her. Mojito took the baby cat in as her son.

11. Love at First Sight

“She went right to giving him kisses. Luckily, he didn’t mind. He loved cuddling with her right away,” said Kim in an interview with Love Meow.

10. Little Skywalker

The Downie’s are obviously Star Wars fans because they decided to name the kitten Skywalker. Mojito was more than happy with her little Skywalker and quickly took to showering him with kisses and snuggling him. Mojito even introduced Skywalker to her one of her favorite pastimes:

9. Watching Birds

Skywalker immediately became a big fan of watching the birds in the yard! The pair would snuggle for hours together with their eyes glued to the outdoors.

8. Vader the Cat

The Downie’s also have another cat named Vader who is fittingly a black cat. Mojito tried and tried to bond with Vader, but Vader liked to be left alone, unlike Skywalker who craves attention 24/7. Eventually Vader did cave and she now lets Mojito snuggle and bathe her, but that’s only when Skywalker isn’t bugging Mojito for attention!

7. Cuddle Buddies

Mojito and Skywalker are now constant cuddle buddies and do everything together. It’s almost as though Mojito has become the mama bear to Skywalker as she is very possessive over him and keeps him cradled in her arms a lot of the time.

6. Mama Mojito

“I do think sometimes he thinks she’s his mommy. Mojito is very loving,” says Kim.

5. A Growing Bond

As Skywalker grew, so to did the bond between him and his mama Mojito. The pair never tired of snuggling up together and would always nap side by side.

4. All the Love

Mojito has made the perfect parent to Skywalker, giving him all the love he could possibly ever want. As a therapy dog, she is very attentive. Anytime she sees a human in distress, she goes immediately to them and licks their face.

3. Truly Inseparable

Seven months after their introduction, the two furballs are inseparable. They appear all of the time on the Downie family Instagram and can be seen walking together, napping together and just being silly together.

2. Better Together

Who would have thought that this little ½ pound kitten would have found love with this gentle giant of a dog. The pair have been so good for each other and have certainly given one another more purpose in life. Skywalker has definitely thrived health-wise since the introduction to his mommy Mojito. It’s hard to believe that a once sickly little kitten turned into this: 

1. The Transformation

Can you believe that this is the same little Skywalker?! It’s hard to believe the transformation from a once tiny unhealthy cat to this vibrant and energetic kitty! All of the love and attention from his new family did him well! It looks like he couldn’t be happier!