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Kyle Clarke on His Career [Interview]

Kyle Clarke is a serious go-getter. He works like crazy to be in great shape and to build a brand around his name. From his sponsorship with MRI to being on magazine covers, a lot of his job relies on him traveling and being camera ready. Clearly, between photo shoots and traveling he finds the time to train and follow a diet that keeps him in great shape,  but what may surprise you is how hard he trains to put his fitness to use.

Kyle Clarke added a new career highlight when he recently placed 2nd in the Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete event. A lot of people perceive fitness models as just a pretty face who can look good on camera after being dehydrated and with a pump. Kyle Clarke came to Ultimate Athlete to prove that notion wrong and he delivered by smoking the competition in serious challenges that require an elite athlete. In fact, the only person to best Kyle was an NFL free agent (D’Juan Woods).

Kyle Clarke came to Ultimate Athlete with something to prove after achieving so much in his career. We asked Kyle to reflect on his success, his drive, and the evolution of his goals. Here is what he had to say…

Kyle Clarke On His Career

kyle clarke

What, initially, drove you to become so fitness minded?

I was skiing at the age of 2 and playing baseball, basketball, and soccer year-around by the time I was 5. So I guess you can say my parents introduced me to sports and fitness, and it has been a big part of my life ever since.

What made you want to make a career out of health and fitness?

As a Captain in the Army, part of my job was to keep my Soldiers fit to fight. I took a leadership role by being a part of the Army, and it has stuck with me. I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge with motivated, like-minded individuals. I am very blessed that I have been able to turn my passion for fitness into a career.

What continues to motivate you after already becoming successful?

When I decided I wanted to be in the fitness industry 3 years ago, my goal was the cover of Muscle & Fitness. That is the magazine that inspired me since I was 17 and helped me get into the best shape of my life. In 2 short years, I was able to land my dream cover along with several other national and international fitness covers. The next goal I set was to get my hero and mentor (my dad) published in a national magazine. 6 months later, my father and I were on the cover of Iron Man magazine! This was revolutionary to the fitness industry, and has inspired to get back into shape and realize it’s never to late to set a fitness goal.

I continue to motivate myself by continuing to set new goals and reach new levels. I try to lead by example like I was taught in the military, and set a good example for people of all ages trying to be fit and healthy. I do not take for granted my success in the industry, and I try to help everyone that has questions on living a healthier lifestyle.

What’s next for you? Any surprising long-term career goals or more of the same?

I have several projects in the works right now, but none that are coming to fruition any time soon besides a few more national covers. I refuse to talk about things unless they are happening for sure and I have the proof. So as of now, I’d like to stealthily say that I am still diligently studying the craft of acting in LA and hope to make some serious progress in the acting and fitness industries very soon.

What career highlight are you the most proud of?

I feel like there are so many milestones to choose from, but to be completely honest, the achievement I am the most proud of is becoming the face and only sponsored athlete of MRI Performance. I respect this company so much and to have them believe in me and give me the opportunity to grow with their company is truly a humbling experience. They also give me the freedom to focus on my goals and I can’t ever thank them enough for all they’ve done for me. I’m hoping to one day become a big player in the film industry and take MRI to that level with me as a gesture of my appreciation.