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Lady Wears A $13 Ring For 30 Years, Then One Day Somebody Tells Her She’s A Millionaire

Lady Wears A $13 Ring For 30 Years, Then One Day Somebody Tells Her She’s A Millionaire

What would you do if a piece of jewelry you had been wearing for over 30 years is actually worth more than you thought? Well, one woman was completely taken aback when she brought one of her most prized rings to an appraiser. When she found out the real price of the ring she was completely speechless. You won’t believe what she ended up doing next!

20. Flea Market


As a London native, one unidentified woman headed out to the local flea market. The Middlesex Hospital flea market is west of London and is filled with a wide variety of stands, all selling various goodies. The woman was walking around, scanning to see if there was anything worth purchasing. 

19. Looking Around 


The woman began to eye different types of jewelry that was on display. A lot of it looked really old and worn out, and she wanted to find something beautiful that would be worth the money. Finally, a huge ring sparkled at her out of the corner of her eye. It immediately caught her attention…

18. Beauty & Luxury 


The woman admitted that she had been looking for a beautiful and luxurious piece of jewelry. The ring immediately caught her eye, however, based on how it looked she assumed that she wouldn’t be able to afford it. She picked up the ring and began to look it over and she just knew that she had to have it!

17. Big Size 


Not only was the ring sparkly, but it was also huge! The ring looked like it could have belonged to a fairytale princess. The woman was in love with it and continued to inspect it. There was also a bigger meaning behind purchasing the ring…

16. Talisman 

Image: Global News

The woman immediately knew that she had to own the ring and it wasn’t just because it was sparkly. She thought that the ring could serve as a talisman for her. If she looked down at that pretty ring every day, she would be reminded that one day she could own a real diamond of that size if she worked hard for her money. 

15. Buying It 


It turned out that she had just enough money to buy the ring and she walked away with it after having spent£10 ($13). Even though she had spent the rest of her money, she was happy with her purchase. From that day on, the woman continued to wear the ring every single day. Throughout all of the years the ring stayed on her finger. 

14. 30 Years 


Thirty years passed by and the woman was still wearing the ring on her finger. She loved how it made her feel like a princess and at this point it was just a meaningful piece to her. Then one day, a simple trip to the grocery store would while wearing the ring would change her life forever. 

13. A Stranger 


One day, the woman headed over to a local grocery store where she did her usual shopping. She had grabbed everything that she needed and was now waiting on line to pay for the groceries. However, as she stood online, she noticed a man staring at her hand. It was a strange encounter…

12. Brushing It Off 

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Even though the man continued to stare and stare at her hand, the woman just brushed it off. She figured that it didn’t matter anyway. So she paid for her things and left the store. However, she had no idea that the man wasn’t going to let her leave that easily…

11. Following Her 


As the woman finished paying for her things, she noticed that the man was still staring. She felt uncomfortable and quickly rushed out of the store. However, the man quickly followed behind her. The woman began to suspect the worst and she quickly grew scared…

10. Approaching Her 

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The man eventually approached the woman and asked her if he could take a look at the ring on her hand. The woman instantly suspected that the man was up to no good and told him to get away. However, as she walked away from the man she heard him scream in the distance saying, “…it doesn’t belong to you!

9. Thinking Back 


One day, as the woman was struggling to pay all of her bills, she thought back to the encounter she had with the strange man. She thought about how the man seemed to believe that the crystal was worth something since he couldn’t take his eyes off it. So she decided to take the ring to Sotheby’s London to figure out the mystery behind the ring. 

8. Left Wondering 


After the woman dropped off her ring at Sotheby’s she was left wondering what secrets the ring left. What if it was worth absolutely nothing and she had been silly enough to drop it off? Or maybe it was actually worth a lot? And if so, how much? She continued to think these things through. 

7. Running Tests 

Image: Sotheby’s London

Sotheby’s explained that they had to hold onto the ring for a few days to run some tests. After a few days, the woman got a call from Sotheby’s. They told him to come in immediately because they had some very serious news to share with her. The woman rushed over quickly and was shocked by what she found out…

6. The Ring 

Image: YouTube

It turns out that the woman’s ring that she had held onto for all those years was actually a giant, 26-carat cushion-shaped white diamond from the 19th Century. She couldn’t believe what she was being told. The woman had so many questions and Sotheby’s was more than happy to provide her with the answers. 

5. Royal Ring 


Jessica Wyndham, who heads the auction house’s jewelry department explained that the ring may have belonged to a royal family back in the 19th century. The reason they make this assumption is due to the diamond’s dull and deep cut. This is what could trick you into thinking that the ring isn’t worth much. 

4. Confirmed 


With an old style of cutting, an antique cushion shape, the light doesn’t reflect as much as it would from a modern stone cutting. Cutters worked to conserve as much weight rather than make it as brilliant as possible,” Sotheby’s explained. “We confirmed that it was indeed a diamond. We got it tested with the Gemological Institute of America … and that then dictated the price,” said Jessica Wyndham.

3. Valuable Ring 


Wyndham then went on to explain that the ring could be sold for as much as £350,000 (about $450,000) if it were auctioned. “They came in with the idea that it might be real, and they had no idea of its value,” Wyndham stated. The woman was then left with a pretty big decision to make. Would she consider auctioning off the ring?

2. Big Pay Day


The woman thought back to how she bought the ring with all the money she had at the time. She also thought about how difficult it has been to live from paycheck to paycheck. She decided to put the ring up for auction and it sold for an unbelievable £656,750 ($847,667)! 

1. Happy Ending 

Image: YouTube

The woman was so happy that the ring she had invested in so many years ago had come through in the end. She always felt like a princess with the ring on and it turns out that she always really was!