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Lioness Gets Extremely Emotional After Reuniting With Her ‘Adoptive Dad’

Lioness Gets Extremely Emotional After Reuniting With Her ‘Adoptive Dad’

Lions are some of the world’s most dangerous predators and no one can deny that. Their huge teeth, sharp claws and amazing speed make them pretty terrifying. Even though lions are presented as a huge threat, some people are brave enough to step in the cage with them.

This is where things get interesting because lions start getting familiar with those who visit them. But, what happens when someone adopts a lioness? Does she start acting like a domestic animal? Stick around and find out the story of Adolfo and Kiara, the lioness he adopted years ago.

26. Young Lioness

This is the story of Adolfo and Kiara, his adoptive lioness. A couple of years ago, when Kiara was still a cub, Alfonso used to work as a lion trainer. And this is where their heartwarming story started.

25. First Time Meeting

When Adolfo first met Kiara, she was just a cute, tiny and fluffy cub. What Alfonso didn’t know at that point was that they will become such good friends that nothing in the world will manage to separate them. And, oh boy, their bond was strong! This is unusual because…

24. King of the Jungle

Lions are always referred to as kings of the jungle and there’s a good reason behind that. They are some of the jungle’s fiercest predators and there aren’t that many other animals who can mess with them. Alfonso knew that but he decided to leave caution aside and start following his true passion.

23. Fierce Roar!

Just imagine seeing this lion and hearing him roar next to you! Wouldn’t you be terrified? Despite all of this Adolfo still did his job as a lion trainer. Although, he sure didn’t expect this to happen when he came back to visit Kiara after not seeing her for many years… her reaction was shocking!

22. Grown Up

After training Kiara while she was a cub, Adolfo and the baby tiger got separated. Now Kiara is a full-grown lioness that no one wants to mess with! However, this didn’t deter Adolfo from coming to visit her. But will the lioness remember her long lost pal?

21. Too Much Time Separated

Too much time has passed since they last played together and after years of missing her, Adolfo decided to pay a visit to his old companion. You won’t believe what happened the first time Kiara heard his voice!

20. Familiar Voice

Adolfo decided to pay a visit to the zoo where Kiara was staying. When he first arrived, Kiara was just playing around but everything changed the moment he called her name!

19. Who is That?

As soon as Adolfo called for Kiara, she instantly turned around because she recognized his voice. She wasn’t still quite able to tell if it was Adolfo or not and she was sniffing to find his scent. And then she saw him...

18. Dad is Here!

After hearing Adolfo’s voice, Kiara knew that her adoptive dad was here! That’s when she started moving around and searching for him. You won’t believe what Kiara did when they opened the cage door…

17. To the Door!

It only took a couple of seconds for Kiara to tell that Adolfo was coming to her and she jumped straight at the door! This shows us that even fierce predators like lions care for people who are close to them! Although, Adolfo was still a couple of feet away from the door and Kiara was getting excited. 

16. Prancing Around

Seeing how Adolfo was only a couple of feet away from the door, Kiara started prancing around her cage. I think it’s safe to say that she was getting excited! Wait and see what happened when the door opened!

15. Standing Guard

Now that Kiara knew Adolfo was about to enter her cage, she couldn’t stay away from it! The other zookeepers were looking worried when they saw that Kiara was staying guard by the door, but they were surely not expecting to see what happened next.

14. Adolfo is Here!

Kiara did the unexpected and jumped straight onto Adolfo from the moment he stepped in the cage. She embraced him as she did when she was a cub, but now she was too heavy for Adolfo and they fell on the ground! But was the man in danger?

13. Falling Down

Even though Adolfo might weigh around 190-pounds, the weight of Kiara took him down instantly! But this is not a bad thing because the two started having fun while they were on the ground. Keep reading and see for yourself. It will brighten up your day for sure.

12. Playing Around

All you could hear after the two fell to the ground was Adolfo’s laugh and Kiara’s ecstatic growl. It seems like this reunion was a happy one. But that’s not all!

11. Smiles Everywhere

You can clearly see that Adolfo was having the time of his life while playing around with his lioness! Now, this is something that not anyone has the privilege to brag about doing. Kiara started getting goofy and she wanted to rip his jeans off!

10. Ugly Jeans

Kiara probably didn’t like Adolfo’s black jeans because she started biting them, but in a playful manner so that Adolfo wouldn’t get hurt. While most people would get scared in situations like this, he was laughing. Although, things got a bit serious when Kiara started nabbing on Adolfo’s hand.

9. Biting Adolfo’s Hand!

Even though it was in a playful manner, Kiara started biting on Adolfo’s hand. But he was still having a laugh about it, especially since Kiara quickly let go. Let’s see how the two look after their excitement settled down.

8. Chilling Out

After Kiara and Adolfo played for a couple of minutes, the two decided to just lay on the grass and chill out. This entire experience is amazing, especially when considering how ferocious lions and lionesses can be!

7. Getting Out

Adolfo was barely able to get out of Kiara’s cage because she wouldn’t let go. Nonetheless, we can be sure that he is going to keep visiting after seeing how much Kiara missed him.

But we have some good news! The next day, Adolfo visited his BFF again and her reaction was even crazier! 

6. ‘Missed me?’

Before leaving the city, Adolfo paid one last visit to his favorite cat. He would expect her to be less interested in him but Kiara had something else in mind!

5. Cuddling Time!

When the workers opened the cage door, Kiara took a giant leap and landed on Adolfo, almost crushing him to the floor. But as you can see, he wasn’t bothered by the heavy lion’s weight. But then she started chewing on his face…

4. ‘Hug me!’

All of this chewing is obviously a sign of affection and they’re both enjoying every second of it. The next adorable photo is warming all of our hearts and it’s also making us want to pet Kiara too.

3. More Cuddles…

They just can’t get enough of it, but who can blame them? Unfortunately, Adolfo had to leave…

2. One Last Kiss

Before leaving, Adolfo kisses Kiara one last time. Who knows when they will see each other next time? Hopefully soon…

1. Strong Friendships

The friendship between Adolfo and Kiara should serve as an example to everyone that even the world’s fiercest predators will transform instantly into kittens when their friends come around. The bond between Adolfo and Kiara is strong and the fact that Kiara didn’t forget about him after all those years is amazing.