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Little Girl And Her Pit Bull Become Internet Sensations After Adorable Photos Go Viral

Little Girl And Her Pit Bull Become Internet Sensations After Adorable Photos Go Viral

Even though they might be some of the most lovable dogs ever, pit bulls have a bad reputation. Most people believe that pit bulls are aggressive and that the only thing they are good for is biting people and fighting with other dogs. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth and today’s incredible story about a little girl and her dog best friend will prove this to everyone!

20. Bad Reputation

If there’s something everyone knows about pit bulls, then it must be that getting close to them is not a wise choice. However, today we will change everyone’s perception about pit bulls by showing you a couple of pictures of a little girl and her doggy best friend.

19. Little Scarlet

This little girl is called Scarlet, and to everyone’s surprise, her best friend is a big pit bull! However, her relationship with the pit bull goes even further than that because she sees him as a sibling.

18. Sibling Love

Even though most people wouldn’t even get close to a pit bull, this isn’t the case for Scarlet. The little girl grew up at the same time with the pit bull and the bond between them is unbreakable!

17. The Big Lebowski

Scarlet’s parents decided to name the pit bull Lebowski, after the famous character in the movie “The Big Lebowski”. Seeing how huge this pit bull grew, we think their choice of name was a wise one.

16. Adopted Puppy

Scarlet was only a year old when her parents decided that they want to adopt a dog in order to give her someone to play with and they decided to adopt Lebowski. What did you think the family’s close friends have to say about this?

15. Risky Decision

Their friends criticized Scarlet’s parents for adopting a pit bull as their home pet, but the parents couldn’t care less. They knew that Scarlet and Lebowski were going to have great adventures together and this is all that mattered.

14. The Other Puppies

One of the most amazing thing about Scarlet’s parents is the fact that they keep in touch with the other families who adopted Lebowski’s brothers and sisters. You won’t believe why they do this!!

13. Puppy Meet Up

The reason why Scarlet’s parents keep in touch with the other families is because they set up play dates for Lebowski to meet with his siblings. Isn’t this amazing?

12. Little Puppy

This is one of the pictures that Scarlet’s parents took of her and Lebowski. Even though Lebowski is just a little pup in this picture, you can already tell that he loves Scarlet and that they share a strong bond.

11. Family Picture

As we can clearly see from this picture, Scarlet is not the only one happy to have Lebowski around. The girl’s parents are also in love with Lebowski and they say that having him around the house brings a smile to their faces!

10. Napping Together

One of the most amazing things about Scarlet and Lebowski is that they love to take naps together. Although, what is a little girl to do all day long other than to play with her dog and then sleep?

9. Gentle Dog

Despite appearances, Lebowski is a gentle dog and he would never hurt anyone. Scarlet and her parents hope that these pictures are going to change what people think about pit bulls. Do you think their plan is working?

8. Big Smile

Even though the plan is to help people understand that pit bulls are not mean dogs, all that really matters is that Scarlet and Lebowski are having fun and that they enjoy each other’s company. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

7. Judging

If there’s something that we all can take from these pictures is that we should learn not to judge a book by its cover. Lebowski is a gentle and loving dog, but this isn’t going to stop people from being afraid of pit bulls. Keep reading to find out why.

6. Dog Fights

The reason why so many people think so wrong about pit bulls is because this breed is used in illegal dog fights. This is what caused them to have such a bad reputation, but luckily, Lebowski and Scarlet’s pictures are going viral and this will help other pit bulls.

5. Halloween

One of the things that these two love the most is to dress up during Halloween. Scarlet always takes advantage of Lebowski’s big size and creates costumes that make him look like a lion or bear. Isn’t this adorable?

4. Sweet Dreams

Scarlet’s parents say that the little girl is so in love with Lebowski that they always sleep together. They are inseparable! Don’t you think so?

3. Another Sibling

Another interesting thing that Scarlet’s parents say is that the little girl doesn’t even want another sibling because she has Lebowski to fill up that role. This is what love is all about!

2. Cute Pit Bull

Is Scarlet’s plan to make people understand how cute and adorable pit bulls are working? Nonetheless, these pictures are super cute and it’s easy to tell why they are going viral.

1. Wise Kid

We think it’s safe to assume that Scarlet is wise beyond her age and that her mission is a noble one. What did you think of these pictures? Would you ever let your kid play with a pit bull?