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Little Girl Playing In The Sand Sees Seagull Dropping An Orange Cheeto, But That’s Not What It Was

Little Girl Playing In The Sand Sees Seagull Dropping An Orange Cheeto, But That’s Not What It Was

One of the best things that you can do during a hot summer day is to head over to the beach and get a nice tan and maybe even a refreshing bath in the waves. However, this is not what a little girl got when she went to play in the sand at the Indian Shores Beach. As the little girl was playing around, something dropped from the sky and you won’t believe what it was.

20. Indian Shores Beach

Our story starts at Indian Shores Beach near Tampa, Florida where a little girl went with her family for some summer fun. As the little girl was playing in the sand, something flew over her head. What could that be?

19. Flying Seagull

A seagull started making noises and the girl looked up. That’s when she noticed that the seagull dropped something and you will never guess what it was!

18. Orange Seahorse

Curiosity got the best of the little girl and she headed over to see what the Seagull dropped. To her surprise, it was an orange seahorse. The little girl proved that she is super clever by doing this next thing…

17. The Sand Bucket

The little girl noticed that the orange seahorse was struggling to breathe and she quickly filled her bucket with water and put the seahorse in. The next picture will show you just how bad the seahorse looked after being dropped from such a height.

16. Not Looking Good

As we can clearly see, the seahorse wasn’t in a good shape. His chances of survival were dwindling as time went on and the little girl rushed to her mother. Let’s see what the mother did after seeing the seagull.

15. Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA)

The mother saw that the orange seahorse was not in a good shape and she called the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) for help. Luckily, this wasn’t the first time the folks at CMA had to rescue a marine animal and they knew exactly what to do. CMA already had one famous resident, Winter, the dolphin who lost her tale, and so they are well-prepared for marine rescue. 

14. Naming The Seahorse Cheeto

The little girl made sure to name the orange seahorse Cheeto right before handing him to the CMA staff. CMA put him in a special aquarium to heal. The next picture is heartbreaking!

13. Struggling To Breathe

Even though Cheeto was not in harm’s way anymore, the seahorse still had trouble breathing. This is when the CMA employees knew that they needed to create a special habitat for the poor seahorse. You won’t believe how cool the special habitat looks. Check it out in the next photo!

12. Quarantine Habitat

While some might think that releasing Cheeto in the ocean is the best thing for the seahorse, this wouldn’t work because Cheeto had trouble breathing. This is why the CMA created a special quarantine habitat for the poor seahorse. And that’s not all!

11. Medical Help

Now that Cheeto was safe, the CMA needed to do a close check up on his health and to no one’s surprise, the CMA found that Cheeto needs medical care. However, that’s not the only thing that the CMA found out.

10. Female Lined Seahorse

One of the most interesting things that the folks at CMA found after closely inspecting poor Cheeto was that it is a female lined seahorse. The question that remains is what was the seagull doing with it in its mouth?

9. Looking For Shrimp

The CMA concluded that the seahorse was trying to eat some shrimp and that the seagull picked Cheeto up by mistake. Maybe this is why the seagull dropped Cheeto from its mouth. But did the small seahorse survive after all?

8. Surviving

Cheeto was placed in a special aquarium and even though everyone expected the seahorse to make a quick recovery, this wasn’t happening. The seahorse needed a little bit more time before it could venture out in the ocean once again.

7. Fighting Against All Odds

If one thing is certain, then it must be that Cheeto is a fighter. How many marine animals do you think could survive being dropped by a seagull and being out of the water for so long? Not that many… 

6. Live Cam Recovery

One of the coolest things about what the folks at CMA did was that they setup a special live cam that monitored Cheeto’s every move. The seahorse quickly gained a fan following and people were tuning in everyday to see how Cheeto is doing. You will be amazed to hear what one fan had to say about this… 

5. Cheeto Has Fans

“I’d wake up in the middle of the night just to make sure he was OK”, said one of the people who watched Cheeto’s live stream. Isn’t it amazing how attached people got to the little seahorse? Not only that, but after some rehab, the seahorse changed to a yellow color, because sea horses can actually change color to their environment.

4. Feeling Better

It didn’t take long for Cheeto to start feeling better and all of his fans were cheering for him to go back into the ocean. Do you think the CMA released him back into the ocean?

3. Time To Leave

A couple of weeks have passed and Cheeto was back to normal. The CMA employees knew that the little seahorse wanted to get back to his family and they took him on a boat.

2. Cheeto Is Confused

Cheeto didn’t know what was going on and he started getting agitated as he was being pulled out of his water container. Little did Cheeto know, he was about to be free once again.

1. Life Saver

Cheeto was released back into the water and he was free to roam around as much as he wanted. The little girl who found Cheeto out on the beach is the one who saved his life and the way she reacted by putting him in the bucket and filling it with water shows us that she is able to think on her feet. And inspire by her snack-themed name, the CMA has named their other rescue seahorses after chips! In 2018, they rescued Frito and Ruffles.