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After Losing His Sister And Best Friend, Senior Dog Finally Gets His Happy Ending

After Losing His Sister And Best Friend, Senior Dog Finally Gets His Happy Ending

Golden retrievers are known for being happy all the time. Not just that, but they are super active and they run around the house nonstop. This is why Cash’s owners started worrying about him when they saw that he wouldn’t even move out of bed after his sister passed away. Luckily, the owners came up with a brilliant idea that raised Cash’s spirits!

20. Meet Cash

This happy fella is called Cash, and just like all other golden retrievers, his favorite activity is to run around the backyard. Cash also had a sister, but sadly, something terrible happened to her…

19. Everything Changed One Day

Cash used to be a happy dog, but everything changed for the worse when his sister passed away. Cash’s sister got sick, and the vets weren’t able to treat her. The next picture is heartbreaking!

18. Sad Doggy

Cash didn’t take his sister’s death too well, and he was heartbroken. The poor doggy was so sad that he wouldn’t even move anymore. Sleeping was the only thing that Cash did all day long. How do you think his owners reacted to this?

17. Cash Is Depressed

Just like humans, Cash became depressed and he didn’t have any joy in his life. The dog’s owners realized this and wanted to do something about it. However, you will never guess what Cash’s owners did for him!

16. A Happy Life

The dog’s owners were determined to bring joy into Cash’s life, and they came up with a brilliant idea. Their idea is so brilliant that you need to see what they did in order to believe it! With that said, you better keep reading and be prepared to be amazed!

15. A Knock On The Door

One day as Cash was lying on the floor, he hears a knock at the front door. The dog instantly recognizes his owner’s voice and goes to the door. You won’t believe what Cash does in the next picture!

14. Cash Gets Excited

The owner walks in with a box in his hands and tells Cash that it’s a present for him. This gets Cash excited, and he starts prancing around the house. What could the gift be?

13. Curious Doggy

It seems like Cash somehow knew that something special was hiding in the box and he wouldn’t stop sniffing it. The owner’s plan to bring some joy into Cash’s life was working.

12. Wagging His Tail

Cash starts wagging his tail super fast as the owner puts down the box. Make sure to stick around for the next picture because you won’t believe what comes out of the box!!

11. It’s A Puppy!

The box contained a little golden retriever puppy. At first, Cash didn’t even know what to do about the little puppy and he just ran around it. This is when the dog’s owner encouraged him to get closer…

10. Cash Doesn’t Know What To Do

Cash was so excited that he didn’t know how to react to the little puppy. This was an emotional moment for Cash since he never met any other golden retriever other than his late sister. After a few minutes…

9. Calming Down

After running around the box for one minute, Cash finally calmed down. This is when things got really emotional because Cash got close to the little puppy and started giving him smooches. This showed to the owners that they did the right thing by adopting the little puppy.

8. Amazing Gift

Cash received an amazing gift, and he didn’t know how to react to it. The little puppy was bringing joy into Cash’s life, and the owners couldn’t be more happy about it. The puppy comes out the box in the next picture!

7. Brave Puppy

Even though Cash is a big golden retriever, the little puppy was brave and he got out the box. The puppy somehow understood that Cash wanted to be his friend and that they were going to have amazing adventures together.

6. The Family Is Happy

The incredible thing about this is that the little puppy isn’t just a gift for Cash, but he also brings joy to the whole family! Don’t believe me? Just keep reading and see for yourself.

5. Adorable Puppy

The puppy didn’t take long to get comfortable around his new home and he started playing around with Cash’s toys. The family instantly fell in love with the little puppy and they knew that adopting him was one of the best things they ever did.

4. Puppy Smile

What better way to make your day better other than to play around with this smiling puppy? Cash and the little puppy are inevitably going to have lots of fun now that they are together.

3. A Precious Gift

Isn’t it amazing how Cash’s owners thought to adopt a small puppy in order to bring some joy in his life? Everyone should love their pets like Cash is loved by his.

2. Remembering His Sister

The little puppy brought some joy into Cash’s life, but the golden retriever is never going to forget his sister. Dogs who grow up together create strong bonds between each other and this is what makes them so loyal.

1.  Touching Story

Who would’ve ever guessed that the best way to make a dog happy again is to bring another dog in? Nonetheless, the only thing that matters is that Cash is happy again and that he loves playing with the little puppy.