Magnesium is present in big amounts in the body, most of which are in our bones. It plays an important role in maintaining our health because it is necessary for biochemical reactions. Lack of it will lead to trembling, depression and confusion, among others.

In fact, along with zinc and calcium, it is one of the vital minerals that our body needs. Luckily, it can be easily found in foods that are rich in fiber. Examples of which are spinach, legumes, and nuts.


  1. Bodybuilders need this mineral for the production of ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate which function is to boost energy. Bodybuilders require more energy so they would be able to carry on with their intense workout routines.
  2. It’s important for bone density. Since most of this important mineral can be found in the bones, it is therefore crucial for keeping the bones strong and healthy. Adequate supply of magnesium will prevent bone brittleness.
  3. A person low in this mineral may be prone to inflammation and it would take him longer to recover from injuries. Thus for bodybuilders, adequate amount of this in their bodies means faster muscle recovery.
  4. It’s good for preventing cardiovascular diseases. This mineral is correlated with lowering the chances of contracting coronary heart diseases. It has been proven in numerous studies how this mineral plays a crucial role in preventing strokes and abnormal heart rhythms.
  5. It helps maintain normal blood pressure. If you consume foods that are high in this mineral and potassium like bananas, you get to maintain a normal blood pressure.
  6. It can treat diabetes. This mineral plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the release of insulin in the body, thus controlling the amount of glucose. It prevents type 2 diabetes among susceptible persons. A study has shown that an increase of this mineral by 100 milligrams can lower the chances of type 2 diabetes by 15%.
  7. It can help control mood disorders. This supplement can also cure insomnia and some mood disorders such as depression, stress, and panic attacks.
  8. It aids in growth hormone production. This mineral allows the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which is needed by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass.

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Side Effects

  1. Those people who have some form of kidney problems are advised against taking additional supplements. Their kidneys cannot clean up the excess amount of this mineral in the body which could lead to a build-up to an unsafe level.
  2. Excess amount of this mineral may lower the blood pressure to an extreme or dangerous level that could lead to coma or death.
  3. Those who have issues with heart rate rhythm should take caution when taking extra amount of this mineral.
  4. There is also such a thing as magnesium toxicity and this occurs to those who use this as an antacid or laxative. In effect, they experience nausea and a dangerously low level of blood pressure.

Though this is one of the vital minerals needed by the body, taking it as an additional supplement may cause some adverse reactions so consult a doctor before taking one.