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This Mailman Noticed How His Favorite Dog Was Changing. Then He Saw What The Owners Were Doing

This Mailman Noticed How His Favorite Dog Was Changing. Then He Saw What The Owners Were Doing

20. A Man’s Best Friend

The relationship between mail carriers and dogs have been played out in movies and cartoons as natural enemies. But in a small town in Colorado, one mailman’s bond with a household pet along his daily delivery route shows that dogs really are man’s best friend. 

19. Who is Jeff Kramer?

The mailman in question is Jeff Kramer, a Colorado resident and mail carrier for the United States Postal Service in the city of Boulder, Colorado. The friendly 53-year-old has been doing his same delivery route for so long that he counts a few of his customers as longtime friends. However, Kramer’s best friend on his route is comically portrayed as a mailman’s worst enemy: a dog.

18. Mailmen and Man’s Best Friend

Kramer notes that he is generally cautious around canines when on the job; it is true that sometimes dogs and mailmen do not necessarily get along due to a dogs’ territorial and protective nature.“You don’t check out a dog first,” he explained to Today in January 2017, “You let it check you out, and you’re much better off that way,”. 

17. Meet Tashi

One of these long-time friendships began a few years ago when Kramer first made a delivery to a Bluebell Avenue home in the south of Boulder, Colorado. He approached warily when he saw a black Labrador on the porch. But his caution was unnecessary as he was greeted by the friendliest dog – named Tashi – and since then the two have become good friends.

16. Tashi the Black Lab

Recalling their first encounter, Kramer said that the elderly black lab greeted him “As fast as he could — which was not very fast — he ran up to me, tail wagging, the first day I met him,” he told the Daily Camera in January 2017. “He’s just a really friendly dog. I am a dog person, and they can tell.”

The two greeting each other quickly became a routine, and both parties looked forward to it.

15.Their Friendship

From then on, Kramer enjoyed his daily visits to his furry four-legged friend, and soon the pair had formed a special friendship unlike any other dog and mailman before. The highlight of Framer’s day was being able to see Tashi along his daily mail route for a quick playtime.

Tashi was such a sweet soul that Kramer knew he had to become acquainted with the owners. Were they just as pleasant? Or would he get the shock of his life?

14. Tashi’s Owners

When the residents of the Bluebell Avenue home were asked about Tashi and Kramer, they said “Tashi adores Jeff,”. The dog’s owner, Karen Dimetrosky, confirmed to Today just how much the two enjoyed each other, “Tashi would hang outside and would always get so excited when Jeff came… He has always wagged his tail and pulled us over to his mail truck.”

13. As Time Went On

As the years went by, Kramer began to notice that his best furry friend seemed to be slowing down. Tashi was now 14 years old, and he had gained a lot of weight, making it harder for him to get around. As a result, the friendly Tashi could no longer make it down the stairs of the porch to greet the mailman like he did as a young pup.

12. Trouble for Tashi

Growing older himself, Kramer was saddened to see Tashi aging. He did not realize how much his four-legged friend has been struggling until he checked in with Tashi’s owners one day along with his mail route. Upon his visit, he noticed the extreme lengths the Dimetroskys had to go to just to get Tashi out of the house.

11. The Dimetroskys

“We were literally carrying him up and down the stairs,” Dimetrosky revealed to the local Boulder newspaper, The Daily Camera. “And he weighs about 70 pounds.” The sight of Tashi having to be carried around was heartbreaking for Kramer and his owners to see. 

10. Kramer’s Friend Odie

This daily sight of the struggling and elderly Tashi brought back memories that furthered Kramer’s sadness as it reminded him of his own beloved dog, Odie. Odie had been his longtime faithful companion until he passed away five years earlier. Odie and Tashi have both made their way into a special place in Kramer’s heart. 

9. Kramer’s Plan
Then Kramer developed a plan. He was determined to make a difference in his beloved Tashi’s life. In hopes to help him regain some mobility, Kramer arrived at the Dimetrosky’s home with a massive pile of wood—the remains of a ramp he’d once built to aid Odie.

8. Kramer’s Plan and The Dimetroskys

But unfortunately, Even though Krama had brought the wood from Odie’s ramp in hopes that Tashi’s family would build him a ramp, the materials sat untouched for months. “We’re not very handy,” Karen admitted. “I’m handier than my husband, but I didn’t know how to put that together.”

Still, Kramer wasn’t ready to give up.

7. Kramer in Action

Seeing the untouched wood from Odie’s ramp at the house each and every time Kramer passed on his route, he knew he had to do something more in order to help his four-legged friend Tashi. He then decided he would have to take matters into his own hands. He could no longer sit by and watch as Tashi lost the ability to come outside to greet him more and more each day. So, one morning before his route, he came to the Dimetrosky’s home and built the ramp all by himself!

6. Kramer’s Gift to Tashi

Kramer, who built the ramp for Tashi out of the kindness of his heart, remains humble about his more-than-generous actions. “I just noticed they needed it. I didn’t need it anymore and I hate throwing things away,” he said. Not only having built the ramp for Tashi but perhaps gaining some much-needed closure on the passing of his dear four-legged friend Odie.

So you’re probably wondering, “Did the ramp work?”

5. Tashi’s Ramp

With Kramer’s extremely generous offering of the freshly build walking ramp for Tashi, the Dimetrosky family was extremely thankful for everything that Jeff had done for them. “He’s just amazing,” Karen shared about her mailman’s generosity. “We’ve had the ramp for a few months and he’s saved us.”

With the ramp, Kramer brought new life to Tashi.

4. A New Life for Tashi

The family says that Kramer has given a second chance at life to Tashi by building the ramp for him. He had gifted his beloved four-legged friend a new lease on life. “The ramp has helped Tashi tremendously,” Karen added. “He can walk in and out of the front door and down to the yard independently.”

As soon as the ramp went up, Tashi started acting like a puppy again.

3. Tashi is Free at Last

The Dimetrosky family noted to a local Boulder newspaper that” Jeff potentially prolonged his life because my husband and I both pulled our back out by lifting Tashi on and off the porch,” she said. “[It has] given Tashi a sense of independence and dignity as an older dog. Jeff is just a compassionate letter carrier who possesses a love for animals.”

The family will never forget the generous act and are happy to live out the rest of Tashi’s days to the fullest now that he has more mobility to enjoy the little things in life, like visits from his favorite mailman. 

2. Tashi and Kremer’s Unbreakable Bond

Kramer, Tashi, and the whole rest of the Dimetrosky family now live out there days enjoying life to the fullest. With Tashi able to see Kramer whenever he comes to drop off packages, the two old friends can enjoy playtime just as they did when Tashi was a young pup. 

1. Spreading Compassion

Kramer and Tashi’s story quickly spread around town and then made its way to various news stations and the story of their friendship has warmed the hearts of many pet owners and even those who don’t own pets. At the end of the day, whether it is a good deed for a four-legged friend or another family, the rewards of that good deed are shared all around.