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Man Buried 42 School Buses For An Unbelievable Preparation

Man Buried 42 School Buses For An Unbelievable Preparation

Times of crisis and public terror make people prepare for the worse. During the cold war when the threat of a nuclear disaster was more prominent than ever our fellow man Bruce Beach decided to make something to keep him alive in such situation. What he built as well as the materials he used and how astonishing the result is will blow your mind. We still can’t believe that this old man did these things in slides #10, #9 and #8.

20. A Strange Old Man

Bruce Beach is considered a strange old man from locals in Horning’s Mills, Canada where he resides. This is because he devoted his life in building something that would be the most useful thing in a doomsday apocalypse. Click next to find out exactly what the old man has made. It’s stunning!

19. The Perfect Location

Bruce lived for the most of his life in Chicago before moving in a rural location in Canada in 1970. Why? Because of the nuclear threats and the unclear political situation of the cold war. It was then when he conceived this crazy idea.

18. The Idea

Scared by the nuclear warnings and the threat of a nuclear disaster, while having moved in a rural location Bruce started his plan. What is his plan you ask? To build a fully operational nuclear shelter! But the way he did it and the final results are extraordinary! Click next to find out his bight method.

17. Old School Buses

Between 1980-1985 Bruce had the astonishing number of 42 old school buses shipped to his location. The retired school buses were meant to be the building blocks of his shelter. And the final result will blow your mind!

16. Bruce Started Working

Bruce dropped all of his 42 buses underground and arranged them accordingly to provide the largest and fully functioning nuclear fallout shelter in North America. He covered them all in concrete and similar materials to guard the insides of radiation. But he didn’t stop there!

15. Fully Functional And Perfectly Designed

These are the plans of the shelter. The guarded and isolated shelter has 10,000 square feet and it can hold up to 500 people easily. There are rooms and places in the shelters for all everyday activities and basic needs and as Bruce states: “the bunker is virtually impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear strike.”

14. Ark Two

Bruce has also given his shelter a name: Ark Two. It seems that Bruce seems to be serious and devoted to his project something that makes the local authorities and locals spread rumors about him. Click Next to find out!

13. Locals Say He’s Crazy

Most of the locals think that Bruce’s shelter is a big waste of money and time, but he isn’t changing his mind and continues to maintain and upgrading his shelter. He knows that in an event of a nuclear attack he will have a shelter and a safe space accessible for him and his family.

12. Approval From Survival Organisations

Che Bodhi is an event organizer of OPSN (Ontario Prepper Survival Network) and once he saw Bruce’s massive structure he had this to say: “When you go inside the bunker for the first time, it is a different planet, it’s like you’re on Mars. When you hear about this concept of 42 school buses underground, to fathom it is nothing compared to going in and actually seeing it… It’s crazy in there.”

11. Like Home

The entire building is done to make residents feel like home under the circumstances of a nuclear war to keep both mental and physical health in good levels. Inside there are 2 full functioning kitchens, a living room, classrooms and washrooms with running fresh water. An oasis in the dessert!

10. Drinking Water, Electricity And Plumbing

Bruce has included a full plumbing system as well as a private well for drinking water to be uncontaminated from radiation. Diesel generators that can last up to three months and an electronic radio for communication so residents of the shelter can seek for help throughout Canada and US.

9. Full Bunker System


Bruce made sure to plan for everything, paying extra attention to his bunker system. He has gender separated bunks and cubicle-like storage spaces for people to keep their valuables.

8. Decontamination Room

To enter Ark Two you have to pass through a decontamination room so any trace of nuclear contamination can be eliminated. Any visitor who wants to enter the building has to pass this kind of test. All of these actions though have caused some problems for Bruce.

7. Political & Bureaucratic Problems

Bruce isn’t a well-received person for the local government as he built the shelter without having the required permits. The local government branches have taken Bruce to court for over 30 times because of this. But he always finds a way to avoid fines.

6. The General Public

As mentioned before most of the locals and the general public thinks that the old man has grown nuts! They call him crazy and paranoid. But there is a small portion of people who support him and thank the fellow man for having a shelter for everyone during a national emergency.

5. Prepper’s Meet

In 2015 the annual prepper’s meet was held in Bruce’s location. During this meet, the fire department threatened to seal Bruce’s shelter as they have done 2 more times in the past. The great turnaround of people and their resistance changed the fire department’s mind.

4. Stays Strongs To His Beliefs

While his actions has been rejected from a portion of the public, Bruce stays strong to his beliefs. The stress though as well as several cases of fires, rats and vandalism have been though for Bruce and maintaining the shelter has taken a personal toll on him and threatened his family’s mental health.

3. Wife Supports Him, Children No

Bruce’s 90-year-old wife supports and takes his side in arguments he seems to have with his children who are tired of the “doom and gloom” attitude of their father and sometimes show their disagreement with harsh ways.

2. Impressive Nevertheless

One way or another, Bruce’s building is impressive and the public has to consider what they will do in the case of an emergency. Will those people who call the old man crazy and paranoid run to his shelter for help?

1. Ark Two Community

Bruce has finally created and maintains a website and internet community of his shelter. As the website reads: “The Ark Two SAFE (Safe America For Everyone) Community is the largest pluralistic survival community in North America without any political, religious, or cultural bias. Its purpose is to ameliorate the catastrophe of a nuclear war or other world-wide cataclysmic catastrophe and to help restore civilization.”