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Man Carves Road Through A Mountain So People Could Reach A Doctor In Time

Man Carves Road Through A Mountain So People Could Reach A Doctor In Time

This is the story of a remarkable man who, against all odds, decided to help his people by carving a road through a mountain. This sounds crazy, right? Well, to make things even more outrageous you should know that he wanted to do this with only a hammer, a chisel and some crowbars. It took him more than two decades, but he succeeded. Although, you won’t believe what motivated him all throughout those years.

20. Moving Mountains

Our story starts in 1960 when landless laborers had nowhere to live, but in rocky terrain like the Atri block of Gaya, Bihar that’s located in Northern India. These people were lacking many necessary things like clean water and electricity. 

19. Gehlour Ganj

This 300-foot tall mountain is what separated the landless laborers from civilization. One of those men was Dashrath Manhi, and he would shock the entire world with his discipline and determination.

18. Dashrath Manjhi

The man we are seeing in this picture is called Dashrath Manjhi and he is known as the man who moved a mountain. Even though he was just a simple laborer, he is now more famous than most Bollywood actors. In fact, there’s even a movie made after him! Now, let’s see what motivated him to carve that road through the mountain. It’s unbelievable!

17. Getting Food

All the laborers around that area worked near the mountains, at the quarry stone. Dashrath’s wife would bring him lunch and water every afternoon but one day something happened to her…

16. She Was Hurt

The man’s wife slipped on the rocks and fell. Her leg was badly injured and she couldn’t walk right anymore. Seeing how this was a serious injury, Dashrath tried to get his wife the medical help she needed. But something was in his way, making it impossible to reach help in time…

15. Getting Medical Help

Dashrath’s was in pain and he knew that he needed to rush her to civilization and get help from a medic. Sadly, the mountain was in their way and Dashrath needed to go around it. What happened next broke his heart but also made him realize something extremely important!

14. Impossible To Climb

Unfortunately, the mountain was too big for Dashrath and his wife to reach the medic in time. Instead of giving up, Dashrath took his wife’s tears as motivation to help other people get across the mountain. Even though the local government promised to make a road through the mountain, Dashrath didn’t trust them and took matters into his own hands. You won’t believe what the man did next…

13. No Time to Waste

Dashrath started chipping at the mountain day after day, but how was he doing this? Did he have the right tools? No, he did not but this wouldn’t deter him from his mission. Here’s what he used…

12. Simple Tools

The only tools Dashrath had was a hammer, chisel and some crowbars. While these tools might not be what he needed to carve a road through the mountain, his iron will didn’t fade away. And that’s not all!

11. Getting Up the Mountain

Just to get an idea of how powerful Dashrath’s will was, you should know that it took him about three hours just to get up the mountain. He did this everyday, for more than two decades! Can you imagine how much determination this man had?

10. Chipping Away

Ten years passed and people started thinking that Dashrath was crazy. Even though he kept on chipping at the mountain every day for ten years, Dashrath was still far away from carving a path. One day, this amazing thing happened and people stopped saying that Dashrath is a crazy old man.

9. Crazy Old Man

After more than ten years of working on the mountain, Dashrath managed to make the first layer of rock fall. The villagers saw this and they realized that what Dashrath was doing was going to benefit everyone because they could reach civilization faster. After understanding that Dashrath is a great man, the villagers started calling him “Baba”. But what does this nickname mean?

8. Showing Respect

The locals finally started showing their respect towards Dashrath by calling him “Baba”. Not only that, but some of them actually went and helped him from time to time. After 22 years of hard work, Dashrath finally accomplished his goal. But there were a lot of other things that he had to do!

7. Job Done

Even though it took him 22 years, Dashrath had finally managed to carve out a 360 feet long and 30 feet wide road through the mountain. This meant that people could reach doctors, schools and get jobs by only having to walk 5 kilometers, instead of going around the mountain. Scroll down to see how proud Dashrath is of his road.

6. Proud Man

Dashrath couldn’t be more proud of what he accomplished. Although, who could blame him? No one else had the strong will and determination to do this, not even the government. 

5. Local Celebrity

Everyone was using the road that Dashrath carved through the mountain and this made him a local star. In fact, word of his actions arrived in bigger cities and everyone was talking about Dashrath. Do you think he stopped here and finally took a break? No, of course, he didn’t. Let’s see what he did next.

4. Building Schools and Hospitals

Dashrath didn’t stop there and he wanted more. Knowing that he became a local celebrity, Dashrath decided to use his fame in order to sign petitions which asked the government for a hospital, school and clean water. How do you think this worked out for Dashrath?

3. Going to the Capital

Dashrath’s petition was not getting the attention it needed. This is when Dashrath realized that he needs to go to New Delhi in person and talk to the Chief Minister. The most amazing thing happened when Dashrath got there.

2. Sitting Down with the Chief Minister

As you can clearly see from this picture, the Chef Minister (man on the right) was more than glad to listen to what Dashrath had to say. The people who lived in the same village as Dashrath were finally getting the help they needed. Scroll down to see the poster image for the movie that’s based on Dashrath’s life.

1. Bollywood Star

Dashrath’s mission against the mountain is so amazing that a movie is being made about it. If only Dashrath was still alive to see it, but at least his relatives and the entire world are going to know what he stood for.