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Man Discovers Abandoned Computer That Makes Him A Multimillionaire Overnight

Man Discovers Abandoned Computer That Makes Him A Multimillionaire Overnight


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A Baltimore man made the discovery of a lifetime after he stumbled across an abandoned laptop.

Lucas Warner, a mathematician professor at the community college, was minding his own business when he discovered an abandoned old laptop in front of his home. Naturally suspicious, Warner questioned where the laptop could have come from.

“My immediate thought was that it belonged to one of my neighbors. I decided to knock on both of their doors to see if they would claim it,” Warner explained to the local Baltimore news station.

“I had no intention of keeping the laptop if it belonged to one of my neighbors,” he added.

The young professor then headed over to his neighbor’s homes and presented the old computer to them. None of them claimed it as theirs.

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“The computer didn’t belong to either one of my neighbors so I decided to just keep it and play around with it. I thought maybe I could figure out who it belonged to that way,” Warner stated.

Warner brought the laptop into his home where he turned it on. He began to tamper with it but made no clear discovery about whom the laptop originally belonged to.

“It was odd. There was practically nothing on the old junk. And then I discovered the oddest thing,” Warner explained.

As Warner was preparing to throw in the towel he made an unusual discovery on the laptop’s browser history.

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“I opened up the browser to see if the laptop would work and it automatically opened up to a site I had never heard of before, Looking back, I guess it must have been fate,” he said, “I decided to check out the site and was pretty intrigued by what I saw.”

Warner stated that while he had heard people mention cryptocurrencies in passing, he never really entertained the idea of investing and trading. The professor decided to try his luck and invested $1,400.

His investment turned into a $4.8 million profit. He claims it was the best decision he ever made.

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“I’m still in shock that this random discovery led me to such a huge jackpot. I never would have imagined it!” He exclaimed.

Warner’s unusual predicament has allowed him to make some pretty changes in his personal life.

“I love teaching so I don’t think I’ll be retiring anytime soon but I do plan on purchasing a new home…maybe a boat too? I’ll definitely be investing some more,” Warner stated enthusiastically.

He added: “The entire situation feels heaven-sent and I’m grateful for it.”