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Man Sees Baby Rhino Cowering In The Middle Of The Road, Then This Happens

Man Sees Baby Rhino Cowering In The Middle Of The Road, Then This Happens

Africa is a beautiful place filled with exotic animals that leave tourists in awe. However, there is a dark side about Africa that most people don’t even like to talk about… poachers. With that being said, today’s story might bring a tear to your face because it’s about a little orphaned rhino who was saved after asking a motorist for help.

20. Pack Of Rhinos

Rhinos are some of the world’s most beautiful animals. Their huge bodies and long horns make them a sight to behold. No wonder people love to go on safaris so much. However, there’s something about rhinos that most people don’t know…

19. Always Watch Their Backs

Despite being huge and having long horns for weapons, rhinos can never roam the jungle safely. These animals always need to watch their backs and you won’t believe why!

18. Bullseyes

The reason why rhinos need to watch their backs is that they always have a bullseye on them. Poachers hunt these animals for their long horns and sadly, rhinos are going extinct because of this. The next picture is heartbreaking!

17. Long Horns

The longhorns that rhinos are sought after on the black market make them quite precious and poachers make it their top priority to hunt rhinos and cut their horns off. If you think this picture is heartbreaking, then you are not ready for what’s coming next!

16. The Sad Truth

The sad truth about Africa is that hundreds of rhinos are being killed every year. Rhinos are becoming extinct and if the black market keeps buying their horns, rhinos will always need to sleep with one eye open.

15. Wildlife Protection

Obviously, numerous groups offer wildlife protection, but they can’t save every rhino. Nonetheless, this is where our story about the little orphaned rhino starts. Make sure to have some tissues around because the little rhino will break your heart!

14. Liam Burrough

Liam Burrough is a machinist and an animal lover. Liam was riding around Africa one day when a little rhino came to his car. Not knowing what the rhino wanted, Liam picked up his camera and snapped this interesting picture…

13. Sad Rhino Baby

This is the little rhino that came next to Liam’s car. It didn’t take long for Liam to realize that the rhino’s horn has been cut off and that his pack wasn’t around. What do you think happened to the poor animal?

12. Cooling Off

Poachers shot the rhino’s parents and they also cut off his horn. However, the poor rhino was so sad that he came to Liam to ask for help. Being the animal lover that he is, Liam decided to do something about it.

11. A Helping Hand

Liam was amazed by the fact that the orphaned rhino came to him for help, especially since his family was taken away by poachers. Liam expected the rhino to be afraid of him, but this wasn’t the case.

10. Sad Situation

Liam knew that he wasn’t simply enjoying a safari ride anymore and his mission was to save the poor rhino. Luckily, Liam knew exactly who to call in situations like this one. Keep reading to find out what Liam did.

9. Calling For Help

Seeing how badly hurt the poor animal was, Liam didn’t waste any time and called the local rangers group called Protrack. You will be amazed to find out what these people do every day!

8. The Protrack Rangers

The Protrack rangers are not your usual soldiers because the government does not employ them and instead, they are dedicating themselves to helping animals in need of saving. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

7. Intensive Training

The rangers know that Africa is filled with armed poachers and they go through intensive training and prepare themselves for all types of combat situations. Let’s see what happened when they arrived at Liam’s location.

6. Hydrating The Rhino

The rangers arrived at the scene and they immediately gave the poor rhino some water. The baby rhino was traveling alone for a couple of days now and he didn’t know where to get water from.

5. Scorching Sun

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Africa, then it must be the fact that the sun is scorching hot. This is why the rangers quickly started pouring water on the rhino’s skin in order to cool him off. Although, this isn’t the only thing they did for him.

4. Base Camp

The rhino didn’t have any family and the rangers didn’t want to let him fight for survival by his own, so they took him to their base camp where he got medical help. The rhino didn’t take long to make a full recovery and he was ready to be moved to a special place.

3. Safe At Last

Now that the baby rhino was feeling better, the rangers took him to a special shelter where poachers couldn’t hurt him anymore. Isn’t this amazing?

2. Loved And Cared For

After spending so much time alone, the rhino finally had someone to love and care for him. The poachers couldn’t get to him anymore and he started feeling more relaxed and playful. Although, this isn’t where his story ends…

1.Making A Comeback

The volunteers who work at the animal shelter are saying that once the rhino grows bigger, they plan to release him back into the wild. Not just that, but the volunteers will also help him make new rhino friends.