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Man Sees Baby Squirrel Under A Tree, Takes One Step Closer And Gasps At Discovery

Man Sees Baby Squirrel Under A Tree, Takes One Step Closer And Gasps At Discovery

The first animal that comes to mind when we think of pets is usually a dog, a cat or a parrot. But some creatures can also live in a house, like a pigeon or a fox or lizards, but they’re not that common. However, a veterinary technician found a critter crying in his yard. He nursed it back to health. Then he made a life-changing decision…

20. Spending Time With Animals

Allen Pursley lives in Lewisville, Texas and he is a veterinary technician. He spends his days with animals and he owns dogs. He didn’t think of adding a new member to the family, but plans change when you encounter a critter in need of help!

19. A Nest in a Tree

Near Allen’s home, there was a nest in a tree for weeks. One day, a small cry made him get out the house. He made a heartbreaking discovery. A baby squirrel fell from the nest and its parents were nowhere to be seen…

18. A Tiny Baby Squirrel

The squirrel was an orphan, and based on its size, it looked like it was a week old squirrel. He didn’t even open his eyes. But Allen knew what he had to do. There was no time to waste, the baby’s life was in danger!

17. Rushing to the Clinic

Allen went to the clinic where he worked and he with his colleagues took turns to get the squirrel home with them. The baby critter needed 24-hour care to be able to make it in the wild in the future… You won’t believe what happened later!

16. Full-Time Care

Allen realized that he could take off a few days from work to stay home with the baby squirrel. He hand-fed it with a syringe. Looking back to the first days, Allen recalls how he managed the whole situation…

15. Keeping Him Alive

He said that ‘I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. We were just basically trying to keep him alive’, but Allen and his colleagues were determined to save the tiny squirrel. And one day, the baby opened his eyes!

14. Allen’s Face

When the squirrel grew older, he finally opened his eyes and saw Allen, who already loved the tiny furry baby and it seemed that the feeling was mutual. They adored each other and looking at these photos, there’s no doubt about it. And that’s not all!

13. Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release

Allen’s plan was to release the critter after it grew big enough to fend for itself. But the parting date kept on being delayed and Allen and his wife integrated the squirrel into their family. They had to give him a name…

12. Rocky the Squirrel

Inspired by the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle, the squirrel which ‘flew’ from its nest was now called Rocky. Allen said that he has ‘training him to stay off countertops and drapes’ and the squirrel thinks his name is ‘Bad Squirrel’ because Allen said it so many times! Rocky even has his own house…

11. A Home of His Own

Allen had to do something about Rocky’s home. It was the best way to make the critter comfortable in a place of his own and it would have saved the furniture in the house too! So, Rocky got his own quarters.

10. A Big Boy

Rocky reached maturity and he was happy, healthy and very active. The family though again of releasing him into the wild. Rocky could climb trees, but he was a pampered squirrel. Would he survive the wild?

9. Releasing Rocky

‘He ended up becoming an adult and I looked at releasing him’, said Allen. And then they realized they’ve done a mistake. Rocky was too used to life as a domestic animal and he wouldn’t survive on his own. This is what Allen said…

8. He Stays With Us

Allen said that he ‘realized I had already done way too much wrong to be able to release him’, so they figured that Rocky would be their pet for the rest of his life. And Rocky was quite pleased to stay with his family!

7. He’s Like a Cat

‘He doesn’t allow anybody else to handle him’, said Allen, later comparing him with a cat. This critter was cuddly and cheeky: ‘he might be a squirrel but he definitely has the temperament of a cat!’

6. The Best View

In time, Rocky started to like other people too and he really loved to be on top of the world, with the best view being from a person’s head. There’s nothing cuter than a squirrel perching on your head!

5. Uninvited Guests

Rocky loved to live inside the house and from time to time he even got visitors outside his windows from other squirrels. Were they family? Allen was a bit worried how Rocky will react seeing other squirrels, but…

4. He Liked Them

Rocky liked to watch them through the glass but that’s all. He preferred to stay inside the house. It was obvious Rocky loves Allen more than squirrels and nothing else compared with his pampered life as a family member.

3. Our Hearts Melted

Allen, the man who saved Rocky’s life, can’t feel happier than that, seeing that his beloved critter won’t ever leave his side. This story is so sweet and heartwarming!

2. Rescuing Animals

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that the animals you have rescued thrive, are happy and safe. We know wild animals should be reintegrated, but this critter’s options were a bit limited…

1. The Best Option

He couldn’t survive in the wild when he was little, and you can’t care for a baby squirrel with small human contact. So, Rocky’s option was to live with his rescuer and looking at this adorable pair, we’d say it’s the best option!