As Marc Perry can attest, staying motivated is no easy feat. Marc Perry is living proof of what being motivated can do for you. He underwent a remarkable transformation and it changed his career, friends, and lifestyle. That being said, we tapped into Mark Perry to discuss some questions about being motivated and how motivation factors into results when looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out what Marc had to say.

Marc Perry on Motivation

  1. What is your favorite movie to get pumped up? Pumping Iron would certainly get me motivated to lift hard.
  2. People will be surprised to see ___________ on your workout playlist? I don’t listen to music while I workout. I like to focus on the pain 🙂
  3. Do you find any certain types of motivation to be temporary (like vanity) that will make people complacent with minimal results? I do, which is a possible reason why so many guys who are in great shape in high school and college fall off the wagon, because their vanity diminishes as they get older and a new source of motivation must take its place.
  4. How do you feel about seasonal goals such as people being motivated just to get “abs for summer”? I think in small doses it’s ok, but why not have abs year round, or be in great shape year round? It only takes 2-3 short workouts per week to stay in solid shape all year long.
  5. The best way to stay motivated on the journey to reaching the goal is ___________. Have a very compelling reason why your fitness goal is important to you. The reason should be deeply emotional.
What’s your take on some of the above questions about motivation? Do you agree with Marc Perry? Speak up in the comments section below. Our favorite is the notion that Marc Perry doesn’t listen to music while he works out because he wants to focus on the pain. Similarly, he’s not one to recommend “getting abs for summer” when you can have abs all year round. This guy doesn’t play games, and you shouldn’t either – especially when it comes to being at your best.

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