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Mark Wahlberg Workout and Diet

Having his own dream gym and boxing ring, Mark Wahlberg really takes bodybuilding into a different level. As a busy actor, family man, and an official businessman, making time in every aspect of his life must be a real challenge.

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To be successful in the movie scene, it’s important to know what you have to do to take on the role. This is what he understands that makes him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

So, what makes up a Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan? The routines required for every movie he makes must change, but there must be some exercises that he does to maintain his form. If you’ve seen him in the movie “The Fighter”, you might have been amazed on how he chiseled his body to take on a boxer role. A lot has improved especially in his upper body form.

What Types of Exercises Does He Do?

Watching welterweight and lightweight boxing matches is great since there is a lot of action compared to matches in higher weight classes. As an actor, he needed the core exercises of welterweight class boxers to portray Mickey Ward’s role in the movie “The Fighter”. These exercises include basic crunches and twist to have the best boxing form.

Here are the exercises included in the Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan:

Pushups (15 Reps)

Lay down with your hands and toes against the floor and make sure that you position your hands so that they are a bit wider than your shoulders. Then, lower your body slowly up to a point wherein your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, and push your body back to the original position.

It’s very important to keep your core in a stiff position. Your head should be still and your feet close together.

McGill Curlup (15 Reps / Each Leg)

Lie on the floor with your face up, and one leg must stay flat on the floor and the other one bent. Place your hands underneath the natural arch of your lower back with your palms facing down. Without straightening your lower back’s arch, slowly raise your head and shoulders off the floor.

After 5 – 10 seconds of holding the position, return to the starting position. In the whole routine, make sure that you are breathing in, not breathing out.

Side Crunch (15 Reps / Each Side)

This is another exercise in the Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan that requires you to lie down on the ground with your knees bent together making 90 degrees. Without moving the upper body, rotate your knees to the right. Then, put your fingers behind your ears and raise your shoulders off the ground.

To avoid straining your neck, avoid pulling your shoulders using your head.

Hip-up (10 Reps / Each Side)

This is another part of the Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan where you position your body up using your left or right elbow and forearm. To brace your core, you need to contract your abs as if you’re about to get punched. With your hips on a downward starting position, raise it until your body forms a straight line. Hold the position for about 30 seconds while breathing deeply in the whole routine.

To get the best results from this exercise, you need to keep your proper form. To avoid injuries, make sure to position your elbow just below your shoulders.

Gym Ball Twist (15 Reps)

Lastly, the gym ball twist requires you to hold the gym ball just in front of your chest. Do this while sitting on the floor with both knees slightly bent and your feet on the ground. Without moving your torso, rotate your arms to the farthest right and left.

To get the best results, make sure that your arms are straight and your torso is forming a 45 degree angle.

Does He Have a Routine?

For a movie actor, every movie requires a different routine that will suit the role perfectly. For “The Fighter”, there is a specific Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan that allowed him to train like a boxer. Mark Wahlberg manages to use the entire week for his routine to reach his body form for the movie. Here is the routine he used to have a boxer-type body and muscular form.

What is His Routine?

Day 1

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Biceps, Back and Legs

Day 2

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Triceps, Shoulders and Chest

Day 3

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Playing Basketball

Day 4

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Playing Basketball

Day 5

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Biceps, Back and Legs

Day 6

  • Morning: Boxer Circuit
  • Afternoon: Triceps, Shoulders and Chest

Day 7

  • Playing Basketball

Warm-ups are very important in every workout routine. The Mark Wahlberg workout and diet plan includes a 10-minute jog or mobility exercise. To prevent injuries, stretching comes next. His boxing circuit includes shadowboxing, hitting heavy bags, focus pad routines, and hitting the speed bag. These are official boxing routines to improve stamina, power, accuracy, speed, and most importantly, timing.

What is His Diet/Meal Plan?

Mark Wahlberg didn’t mention an official diet plan he had during his preparation for the movie “The Fighter”. His diet plan for the role might have consisted of protein-rich foods and carbohydrates to fuel him on strenuous boxing routines.

Did He Do Anything Specific or Special for the Movie Pain and Gain?

In the movie “Pain and Gain”, Mark had to gain more than 40 pounds of muscle mass. With a short time frame, he had to bulk up following a strict diet routine. He said in an official interview that he had to eat 10 meals a day. He even had to wake up in the middle of the night just to take his supplements including protein shakes and nutrients for bulking up muscle mass.

In another official interview, Mark said that he had to eat loads of chicken. In his upcoming movie “Transformers”, he’s planning to get thin again which may require another diet plan for his role. It must be quite a relief after finishing the movie Pain and Gain as he grew tired of eating bulks of protein sources to get bulky in a short timeframe.