Unfortunately, Google Maps and all its features are not as well-known to road travellers as Google search engine is. If people plying the roads knew the full features of Google Maps, getting lost wouldn’t make an acceptable explanation for being late. Without doubt, Google Maps is a handy traveller’s tool. Here are more nifty pointers to bring with you on your trip:

  1. Go there first before actually seeing it. Thanks to technology (and Google Maps, of course), you can now have a virtual tour of your choice destination before actually going there. Unlike traditional maps, Google Maps allows you to get the feel of the place. If you’re planning to see the great White House in D.C., search it on Google Maps and it’ll give you a series of results – images via satellite, streets nearby, photos submitted by tourists. Basically, you get to see an interactive destination that allows you to move from one street to another (and not just the traditional two-dimensional map of streets).
  2. Plan with Google Flights. With Google Flights, you’re not only given flight schedules, but flight options as well. For people who are confused when given several options, fear not, for Google Flights will also give recommendations for the best flight possible. For those who are taking land transportation, Google Flights is also applicable. It’ll give the same format of details, and will also recommend the best route. Google Maps is not just a map; it’s your best travel tool. It provides information about hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, and transit schedules. There’s a feature that helps you organize your itinerary. Just click the add button to include a destination on your list. Most importantly, it comes very handy and is designed to be user-friendly.
  3. Keep updated. You’re stuck in a traffic jam that was totally unexpected. Don’t let this ruin your vacay or important meeting. Google Maps might just be the right tool for you. It can suggest alternative routes! Google Maps also has a feature that feeds live-stream video of current traffic. So, even before you leave home, you know what to do and where to go.
  4. Let your android guide you. Android phones are now everywhere, it has a built-in Google Now App (which is basically an extension of Google Map), that provides nearby destinations based on your present location.

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Google’s main objective is to get information close to people, and it has. With Google Maps, Google Flights, and other Google apps yet to be explored, Google has definitely made travelling a breeze.