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Meet Loki, The Meanest Looking Cat Ever!

Meet Loki, The Meanest Looking Cat Ever!

The internet is filled with pictures of fluffy and adorable pets, but there is a special cat that’s taking over. This cat is called Loki and it’s the meanest cat you will ever see! This Sphynx cat looks like he’s always mad at something and this is why he was named Loki. Make sure to check out #15 and #12 because those pictures will crack you up.

20. Meet Loki

This mean looking cat is Loky. As you can clearly tell, Loki doesn’t look like your ordinary cat!

19. Taking Over The Internet

Grumpy Cat used to rule the internet but now that Loki is here, Grumpy Cat stepped aside. Although, who can blame Grumpy Cat for being terrified of Loki?

18. Hot Dog

Even though I love hot dogs, I still wouldn’t get too close to Loki despite him wearing that adorable suit.

17. Villain

Just like his name implies, Loki looks like a villain. If the folks at Marvel ever decide to create a cat superhero movie, then this mean looking cat would be the perfect choice.

16. Good Morning!

Some people and animals just don’t like mornings and Loki is definitely one of them. Just look at that face, Loki sure hates waking up! The next picture is so incredible that it will make your day better!

15. Adorable Face

Despite looking so mean, no one can say that Loki isn’t adorable! Keep reading to find out what Loki’s owner has to say about him.

14. Huge Personality

“This cat has more personality and sass than any animal I have ever met”, said Sara who is Loki’s owner. You won’t believe how Sara and Loki came to meet.

13. Allergic Boyfriend

Sara really wanted to get a cat, but her boyfriend was allergic to fluffy ones. This made it impossible for her to adopt a fluffy cat and she decided to go with a Sphynx instead.

12. Cuddly And Chatty

Even though Loki doesn’t seem like a cuddly cat, Sara says that he loves nothing more than to cuddle all day long. In fact, you can check out the next photo and see exactly what she had to say about Loki’s behavior.

11. Sara Speaks Out

“Loki is incredibly affectionate, cuddly and chatty. He loves napping on our bellies, eating chicken and scrambled eggs and receiving hearty head scratches”, added Sara.

10. Adopting Loki

While most people would not be that willing to adopt a cat who looks like Loki does, Sara proved to everyone that she cares more about personality when she adopted the mean-looking Sphynx.

9. Unique Look

“Shortly after we adopted him, I started an Instagram page solely dedicated to Loki. His Instagram page quickly picked up a following, noticeably for his seemingly grumpy demeanor and unique look” said Sara. You won’t believe how many followers Loki has!

8. Thousands Of Followers

There are many Instagram models who would do anything to get a massive following like Loki does. The grumpy looking cat’s Instagram page is followed by more than 64 thousand people. Can you believe that?

7. Special Cat

Loki is a special cat and his looks don’t matter that much to Sara. She is happy to have him and she loves being around him. In fact, Loki helps Sara out whenever she is feeling sad.

6. Helping Out

Sara says that Loki doesn’t only pose for pictures, but he also helps motivate her through bad days. This cat is proving to be more compassionate than most people and that it has a knack for telling when Sara is not feeling well.

5. Incredible Animals

“Animals are incredible healers and I am eternally grateful for Loki’s companionship and generous loyalty. He is truly one of a kind” said Sara.

4. Sleepy Head

The only thing that Loki loves to do more than to pose for pictures is to sleep. However, this shouldn’t surprise anyone since that’s what all cats do in their spare time!

3. Yawning

Even though Loki might look like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, his massive following on Instagram shows us that being unique is not a bad thing.

2. Gargoyle

I previously said that Loki would be a perfect fit for a Marvel superhero movie, but he would also do great as a Gargoyle in a Batman movie. This cat has so many hidden talents.

1.Halloween Costume

What better Halloween costume for Loki than a little devil? Nonetheless, what did you think of this grumpy cat? Is it adorable or not?