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Meet Thumbelina, The World’s Smallest Horse Who Is Stealing Hearts Wherever She Goes

Meet Thumbelina, The World’s Smallest Horse Who Is Stealing Hearts Wherever She Goes

Who doesn’t love small and cute animals? A tiny horse is every little girl’s dream come true, so Thumbelina the dwarf horse steals everyone’s hearts! How did she become the smallest horse in the world? Let’s find out everything about her and what she loves to do in her spare time!

21. World’s Smallest Horse

We might even have found Thumbelina a very cute playmate. Read along!

20. Who is Thumbelina?

This little and cute horse has been declared by the Guinness World Records the tiniest horse in the world of all the recorded history. The people from the Guinness World Records even brought along the largest horse in the world. Guess what happened when they met!

19. Thumbelina’s Crib

Her house is a doghouse. She even uses the doggy door to get inside the stable office. Even at the size of a bulldog, Thumbelina is not a canine. She’s only 17 ½ inches tall and she’s a dwarf horse. You won’t believe how she was born!

18. Genetic Accidents Breed Weirdly Cute Animals

Thumbelina is a genetic accident. She is the result of breeding two miniature horses and she has dwarfism. Her eyes are the same size as of a bigger horse. Her body is big and with her underbite and small stature, she looks very cute! She even has special horseshoes!

17. An Enchanted Place

Her own little farm is an enchanted place. She lives at Goose Creek Farms, a ranch especially created for miniature horses. There are nine acres of pens stretching out on a long driveway. There, you can find horses taller than 5 feet that you can buy for children! Then Thumbelina was born…

16. A Difficult Birth

Sixteen years ago, in the spring, Rosie the mare gave birth. Paul Goessling and his spouse – the owners of the horses – believed that the foal was dead: ‘Her feet were tucked up, and it was a difficult birth.’ But one great idea saved the newborn’s life!

15. Finding the Perfect Name

‘We gave her mouth-to-mouth, and then I realized she was alive…’ And as the little horse was growing and remained unusually small, they named her Thumbelina. Her size didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be a normal horse. Check out the next photo to see how cute she is!

14. Resourceful Little Thief

Michael, the son of the Goesslings, remembers that Thumbelina was a very funny horse when she was only a kid: ‘she used to sneak under the fence and go pasture to pasture, getting into everyone else’s food’. And she makes it clear that she’s the boss on the farm! But…

13. Tough Lady, But Still!

Even though she is a fierce fighter for her own territory, when Thumbelina is around kids, everything changes. Since 2007, Michael decided Thumbelina would be great as a therapy animal. So, he bought a used RV and called it Thumbymobile. Guess what she did next!

12. On The Road

The back of the RV was Thumbelina’s padded quarters. With Michael, she visited almost the whole USA and stopped at children’s hospitals, at schools, at shelters for abused women and children and she even went to children’s camps! That was a lot of gas, but it was worth it.

11. Years of Fun

Thumbelina made about 300 stops in over two years, making children in the USA happy. It was all for the sick and sad children everywhere. Michael said that the one thing he heard so far ‘was that petting Thumbelina was the happiest moment of that child’s life’.

10. A World Record

Then, as Thumbelina got famous, she was also declared the smallest horse in the world. The People from Guinness came to take a picture of her, but they wanted to also bring the largest horse in the world and snap them both in the same photo. You won’t believe what Thumbelina did!

9. This Is MY Ranch!

When the huge horse arrived at the pasture where Thumbelina was reigning, Paul recalls that ‘she took one look at him and attacked him because he was in her pasture.’ She is a small one, but she is also very protective of her own space.

8. Making Friends

So far, Thumbelina has made a lot of big and small friends, be it other horses, dogs, or children all over the USA. She’s a lucky horsey. Just look at how cute she is! And she finally befriended the biggest horse in the world! Check her out at #5!

7. Walking the… Dogs?

When she was still young, she would walk on a leash, with her dog friends. How funny would it be to walk her to the park? People would have to take a better look to see you’re not walking two dogs. That’s why one of them made a weird sound!

6. Getting Old and Wise

Now Thumbelina is 16 years old and she retired from traveling the world. Right now, her job is to be in charge of the farm. She loves to get under the horse gates and hang out with the slightly bigger little horsies. She’s a funny little one!

5. Radar and Thumbelina

Now that’s a huge contrast! Radar is the world’s tallest horse from the 2008 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and together with Thumbelina, they’ve appeared in that year’s book with a picture showing us the unbelievable contrast between these horses.

4. A Beautiful Chestnut Mare

It’s easier to interact with small animals and her unique tiny figure made children more attracted to her. And we can’t say she’s not a beauty! Just look at her face!

3. Thumbelina, a Horse from a Fairytale

Thumbelina might be tiny, but she packs a lot of fun and cuteness in her small frame. And she’s every little girl’s dream – a horse you can pick up like a doggy! And we’re not done: check Einstein, probably the next smallest horse in the world. If we were to bet on which is the cutest horse, we’d be very confused right now!

2. Einstein, the Cutest Competitor

This tiny stallion was born 8 years ago and was only 6 pounds when he was born. He was declared the smallest foal at birth, as he was almost as tall as a box of cereal. And he did grow… but only a bit.

1. Cuteness Overload

Yes, Einstein grew a big boy. Almost big, as he is now only 2 feet tall and weighs 80 pounds, probably as big as a regular sized Golden Retriever. We’re drowning in so much cuteness!