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Men’s Belts and Suspenders: Expert Picks

Belts and suspenders are not just functional, but fashionable as well. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose men’s belts and suspenders properly. Because your style can be improved or ruined by your choice of belt, it’s important to be familiar with different kinds of belts and suspenders, and to know which one you should wear for every occasion.

Men’s fashion isn’t complicated. Even though there are times when pairing your clothes can be tough, once you know the basics, it’ll be hard to go wrong on your choice of clothing and accessories.

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Choosing the Right Belts and Suspenders

To know how to choose the right belts and suspenders for your attire, read the tips below:

Get Back to Basic

When buying men’s belts, make sure you choose the basic ones. Black and brown belts are the ones that every man should own, so keep them in mind when buying belts. If you don’t have a black or brown leather belt, invest. When choosing a leather belt, inspect the sheerness of the leather. It should be matte and soft. Shiny and hard leathers will not last, so avoid them. When it comes to buckles, choose silver or brass ones as they are the basics and are not hard to pair up with various types of clothing.

Be a Little Creative

If you already have the basic belts and want to experiment with a different style, choose something that has a good texture. A textured men’s belt is a simple way to flare up an outfit without overdoing it. Just be sure to stay with basic colors.

Cloth Belts

During summer, cloth belts are a better option as they are cool. Men’s cloth belts are more convenient to wear, but don’t try them with suit pants as they are not for formal clothing.

Choose a Good Suspender

Because suspenders cannot be worn with jeans, it’s advisable that you avoid wearing them when purchasing suspenders. Choose suspenders that have basic colors at first, then experiment with various colors and designs later.

When purchasing or wearing men’s belts and suspenders, it’s ideal to consider the kinds of shoes you have. They are the ones that will be paired with your belts and suspenders, especially if you’re wearing a suit. So if you can, wear your suit and your shoes when buying belts and suspenders.