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Men’s Fashion Basics: Essentials For Every Guy

To start, you need to know the basics of men’s fashion. You don’t need to spend much money. So, here are the things that you need to have in your closet that will fit with anything.

A Nice-Fitting Watch

Great watches are those you can wear on an ordinary day, with casual and formal attires. Invest in a fitting watch that has a sporty touch. To fit in men’s fashion basics, you should avoid fake gold watches and watches that have elastic straps. Also, avoid gold and black combination because it looks cheap.

A Nice Pair of Shoes

Men should avoid pointy or square faced shoes. When you’re buying shoes, take a good look at the leather that’s used; it should look sturdy. Choose shoes that you can wear with a suit or with jeans. It’s also good to stay traditional, sticking with leather that’s colored black, brown, or rich tan. Also, a good rule for men’s fashion basics is to match your shoes with the color of your belt, to keep things simple but effective.

A Nicely Textured Raincoat

Raincoats are really important. Always remember that a nice fitting raincoat is above knee length, sleek, and has great texture. Black raincoats are not really recommended. Instead, choose colors like classic beige, khaki, navy, or grey. These colors can be used with formal and casual attires. Also consider the texture of the fabric and the fitting of the shoulders.

Classy and Elegant Suits

Another thing in men’s fashion basics that’s mostly misunderstood is the combination of suits and shirts. The appearance of a suit depends on the color. Navy is the most flexible color that’s really great with suits, followed by charcoal and medium grey.


It’s really important to meet the standards of wearing a tie. Flexible ties are those that have formal colors. Never wear novelty colored ties with formal suits.


Socks are greatly disregarded, but people do notice this smallest detail. Preferably, socks should match the color of your pants.

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Men’s fashion basics are not really tough to follow. You just need to care for your things enough to keep them in good condition. Also, you should be confident when wearing your clothes.