If you want to be more attractive, smell good. Women use their sense of smell when seeking a potential partner. Bathing on cologne is not the answer. There’s a fine line between smelling good and reeking of cologne, and you should know the difference.

Your smell is a big issue to women as it tells them if the guy they meet takes grooming seriously. Choosing the right kind of cologne is important.

Choose the Right Cologne

Men’s fragrance has different types. Each one sets a different mood for the ladies, and they also tell girls what kind of person you likely are. This is why it’s important to know which one you should use in different occasions and times of day. To make things easier, here’s a guide to choose men’s fragrances that will make you smell manlier.

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Colognes that smell fresh are best during daytime. Citrus colognes are the best kind of cologne to wear during the day as they make you smell fresh and clean. This will give girls the idea that you’re well-groomed and you have good hygiene.


Midday calls for woodsy types of cologne. This kind of men’s fragrance is a bit sweeter and is also quite fresh, which gives the impression of being cool even in the middle of a hot day.


At night, there are two kinds of cologne you can wear: spicy and musk. Spicy colognes give a slightly strong scent that’s exciting and sexy, while musks are heavier and last longer, perfect for a night out.

Choosing men’s fragrance is kind of hard when you’re just starting to realize that your smell plays a big role in being attractive. So, here are some tips to make your cologne more effective.

Just a Splash Will Do

Don’t be tempted to pour your cologne on yourself, no matter how good the smell is. Just a little will do and it’ll go a long way. Colognes react to your body’s chemistry so, while you sweat, they get more active and will start omitting stronger scents. When using cologne, just use a little and let it work its magic.

Apply to Your Pressure Points

When using cologne, always apply to your pressure points: your wrists and your neck. Don’t just spray it on your clothes, because it won’t last long. It’s best to put cologne on before you get dressed, right after bathing so your skin can fully absorb the cologne while it’s still a bit damp.

When using men’s fragrances, it’s important to note that your other grooming products will affect the smell of your cologne. So, make sure that when you’re using a citrus type of cologne, your body wash or deodorant are also citrus based to avoid mixing scents. If you can, buy products based on the colognes you have.