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Men’s Pants: A Style Guide

Men’s pants come in various styles, which means that you don’t have to wear jeans all the time. There are, though, certain fashion rules required in different settings. For example, it is not appropriate to wear jeans at work, except during casual fridays.

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When buying pants, you have to consider the fit and style for whether it suits your physique. As a rule, tight pants do not go well for those who are vertically challenged. Then, you also have to remember that a loose fitting pair of men’s pants is a fashion faux pas and regardless of your height, these loose fitting pants should have no space in your closet.

Sweat Pants

Yes, they are comfortable, but you should only be wearing these pants when you are in a gym or alone at home.

Suit Pants

You should only be wearing this type of pant with an actual suit. If you’re thinking of pairing it with another polo shirt, it will not look good as suit pants are made to be worn with a suit.

Khaki Slacks

These men’s pants are great everywhere. The cut and the shade are very classic in style, and it’s safe to be worn in any casual setting. You have the option, if you wish, to be in a relaxed or fitted wear. You can pair them with a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, and any color blends well with it. Regardless of your height, you will look good in khaki slacks.


These pants are similar to the khaki slacks, except that they’re more lightweight and they come in a variety of colors. These pants are usually sleeker and dressier. You can wear them in a semi-formal gathering, or at work. You can pair them with any shirt, and you have the option of whether you want to tuck in the shirt or not. You will have no problem pairing these men’s pants with any shirt because the cut and the fit are classic.


Pants made from a linen material are very appropriate during summer time. They’re lightweight and will look good on anyone, provided that the fit is correct. It should be slim, but not too tight. For the vertically challenged, choose a darker shade of linen and top them off with a lighter shade of shirt. This often makes you look taller.


These are the quintessential men’s pants. Jeans come in various styles and colors. Some men prefer the slim fit, while others prefer the slim straight. They also come in various shades and materials.

Do invest in quality and good-fitting pants. It is important that you look very presentable at all times, so you need to own pants that you can wear in various occasions. You should have at least one of each of the above types of pants in your closet.