The Micellar Casein is important among bodybuilders and this is why supplements that contain this type of ingredient are popular among those who are trying to bulk up on muscle mass. A dietary supplement that contains casein protein creates a unique type of gel or a clot in the stomach. As a result, amino acids will be released slower towards the blood stream.

And because this process could last for longer hours, the nitrogen retention as well as the utilization will be fully enhanced. Taking supplements that contain the Micellar Casein can help to increase muscular mass although the time of the day that you take such supplement will be a big factor.

Importance of Micellar Casein

Our stomach as well as the upper intestines will produce enzymes that can help to speed up food digestion. Some of these enzymes are considered “site specific” and this means that they will only act on the specific areas of a molecule whenever such molecule is in a specific structure.

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These specific enzymes will fit into molecular structures just like a key that will only fit on a certain lock. Thus, specific digestive enzymes will react on casein micelles in order to produce bioactive Micellar Casein. Some of the peptides will come with immune modulator properties while others contain antibacterial properties.

How It Works

In order to best understand how you can benefit from the supplements that contain Micellar Casein, it is important that you understand how such supplement works. As mentioned from the start, the protein will create some kind of a gel on the stomach that will then release amino acids towards the blood stream.

This should take up to seven hours, although the peak happens after three to four hours. On the other hand, when you take whey protein, the peak is reached only in 40 minutes, yet the effect could wear out in only an hour.

Aids in Muscle Growth

Most of those who take the supplement that contains Micellar Casein are those who are trying to build muscle mass, and indeed, these supplements can help in the muscle growth. Because casein is released towards the blood stream in a gradual process, it will not affect the protein synthesis that much. Yet, it plays an important role in blocking the protein breakdown.

As you know, the muscular mass will increase if a certain balance will be maintained in between the protein synthesis and that of the protein breakdown. Therefore, if you are trying to bulk up on muscles in a more efficient manner, then you must increase your protein synthesis and decrease the protein breakdown. This can be achieved by taking protein based shakes that are based on whey protein and at the same time, taking supplements that are filled with the Micellar Casein.

There have been no known harmful side effects when it comes to the consumption of supplements that contain the Micellar Casein. But still, as always, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor.