Aside from the unusual absorption to their career and physique, middle-aged men should pay as much attention to how often they drink.

In a study that was performed on male adults, researchers found that greater memory impairment was suffered by those who consumed alcohol 3 (or more) times a day. As Florida University Professor Sara Nixon said, it was clear that those who drank alcohol 3 times a week do not suffer the same extreme results as those who drank 3 times a day. She further adds that there isn’t much to worry about regarding those who drank no more than 3 shots a day. Those who showed greater memory impairment belonged to the heavy drinkers’ group. However, Nixon clarifies that drinking less than 3 times a day still damages the brain, albeit slower in pace and milder in intensity compared to the heavy drinkers. Yet again, this kind of drinking may cause trouble in the near future because it has a cumulative effect.

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So what is the learning point here? Don’t wait until you turn middle-aged before you change your bad drinking habits, because then it’s a hard habit to break. Start early. Never mind if it turns out to be a snail-paced start; once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze. Practice moderation now, and make it a lifestyle!