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Mother Goose Asks Police Officer To Save Her Baby

Mother Goose Asks Police Officer To Save Her Baby

I am sure you can imagine that police officers have to deal with serious cases every day, but some of them are just incredible. This is exactly what happened to Officer James Givens and his colleague when a mother goose started “knocking” at their car’s door. You won’t believe what the goose wanted.

20. Goose Family

We’ve all seen viral pictures of geese families doing hilarious stuff, but the place where most of them can be found is in parks. People love to feed them bread crumbs and that’s why geese go there.

19. Super Cute

The reason why people love feeding bread crumbs to geese so much is that they are adorable. Just look at how well coordinated this family is! However, the park can be a dangerous place for a baby goose.

18. Going To The Park

Our story starts when a mamma goose takes her babies to the park. The goose was looking for some food and cool water, but she got something else in return!

17. The Mamma Goose

As Cincinnati Police Officer James Givens and his colleague were sitting in their patrol car, a mamma goose appeared at the door. What could it want?

16. Bread Crumbs

The mamma goose was making a lot of noise and the Police Officers thought that she was hungry and they started feeding her some breadcrumbs. However, the goose was not interested in food at all, she wanted something else.

15. Asking For Help

The Police Officers realized that the goose was actually asking for help, just like any normal parent would do when their baby is in trouble. Let’s see what the goose wanted.

14. James Is Curious

Curiosity got the best of James Givens and he went to see what the goose wanted. That’s when he realized that the bird’s baby was the one who needed help.

13. Angry Mother

The baby goose was trapped in some sort of wire and then James’s colleague knew what she had to do. However, the mamma goose was anxious and she kept on making noise as the woman got closer to her baby.

12. The Baby Goose Is Trapped

It didn’t take long for the Police Officer to realize that he needs to untangle the baby goose if he wanted it to survive and he started working. The mamma goose noticed that her baby was receiving help and she stopped making noise. And then…

11. Picking Up The Baby Goose

The Police Officer found out that untangling the baby goose is not going to be an easy task and she picked it up. The mamma goose was scared and she got closer. What happened next left the Police Officer in shock!

10. The Mamma Goose Gets Angry

The mamma goose got angry when she saw the Police Officer pick up her baby and she started screaming. Things were not looking good, but the Police Officer came up with a brilliant idea.

9. Reassuring The Mamma

The Police Officer got the brilliant idea to talk with the goose, as in to reassure her that everything is going to be okay. To everyone’s surprise, the goose calmed down.

8. Untying The Baby Goose

The Police Officer didn’t waste any time and she started untangling the baby goose. The baby goose managed to get tangled pretty well because it kept trying to run away from the wire that grabber its feet.

7. Unusual Case

Even though this was an unusual case, James Given and his colleague did their best to solve it. Police Officers are there to help everyone out, including animals!

6. Free At Last!

After spending a couple of minutes untying the baby goose, it was finally free. What do you think is the first thing it did after being set free?

5. Running To Its Mamma

The baby goose instantly started running towards his mamma as soon as it was put down. Isn’t this adorable?

4. Safe And Sound

The baby goose made it to his mamma safe and sound. The Police Officers were happy to see that, but this isn’t where this story ends. Keep reading to find out what I am talking about.

3. Thanking The Cops

The mamma goose was happy to see that her baby is set free and she made sure to thank the Police Officers for helping her out. The mamma goose kept yapping until the Police Officers left.

2. Family Reunion

Now that the baby goose was free, the mamma goose could bring him back to his brothers and sisters. The next picture will leave you in awe!

1. Happy Family

This incredible story shows us that a mother’s love is powerful! The other thing we can take from this story is that we should make sure not to leave our trash behind whenever we visit the park because animals are suffering because of it.