You’ll never know when you’ll get hit by the Cupid’s arrow. Having office romance is inevitable. Seeing her 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week, it’s almost difficult to ignore the feelings that you feel. There are a lot of things that you need to think about before actually getting into loving your office mate. The main question is – how do you keep it professional?

Being Close vs. Being in Love

Being close to someone gives no worries, but loving and liking someone is a lot different. When you share the same office, there is really a great chance that your closeness may lead to temptation. Add to that the chances of staying up awake together to finish a pile of deadlines reports.

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How to Succeed

Office romance is just right at the corner of the room. When you pick it, be ready for consequences. But, to keep it between you and your lover, here are some tips.

  1. Keep quiet! In relationships that need to be a secret, you need to keep in mind that it is really a secret between you and the one that you’re dating and not a secret with all the other men in the office. Sometimes, men tend to “kiss and tell” which will not really help you both.
  1. Keep it in your pants. What do you need to keep in your pants? Your hands! Keep PDA (public display of affection) and office romance at a minimum. You’ll never know who sees you and what they will think. Others might find it annoying, and others might be jealous. All these things might be used against you both, so be careful and professional within the office.
  1. Prepare for a possible breakup. Breaking up is really hard to do. This might affect your relationship to her as an officemate. It’s worse if everybody knows that you’ve been together. It will be easier to move on if others don’t know what happened and how it happened.

Overall, when you find someone attractive and calls for an office romance, think more than twice. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you ready to lose your job? Are you ready to get ignored after breaking up? Will you just settle on keeping her as a friend if things don’t work out? It is not really bad to have relationships between co-workers. The bad thing is just the effect of everything.

The universal truth is we look for someone to grow old with and to share with important memories, but if you’re really not yet ready to settle, better not get into it. If it is really the right person, there’s no need to rush entering into a secret office romance that will not last. Wait until the timing is right.

Lastly, if you trust your instincts and if they are reliable, you can give it a try and may keep it forever. Keep it wrapped until the foundation of your relationship is good enough. Be each other’s support system. Say nothing until you both agreed that it’s now time to announce to the rest of the office that you’re together.