One of the youngest and most well known stars to have recently risen to fame, Taylor Lautner is probably better known for his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight saga. While his acting skills and looks have drawn many a fan from around the world, perhaps his most drastic and well known factor is his sudden change in physical appearance over the past several years.

Taylor Lautner was known for having a naturally skinny body, as shown in the very first Twilight movie. In fact, he was so skinny that the director at the time had even considered dropping him from the role of the popular werewolf. However, Lautner quickly erased the possibility by putting on an amazing amount of muscles in a short time. This article will explain how he did it and how the Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine was formed.

Did He Have an Official Routine?

It is known as the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine, and has helped the young actor put on a healthy and impressive amount of muscles. Besides giving him better opportunities in acting roles, it also helped improve his overall lifestyle and gave him an increased amount of fans.

What Was His Routine?

The young actor began training and eating clean when he was seventeen. At the time, he had been in between the first two Twilight movies and had been told to put on a good amount of muscles for his more physical role in the second movie.

Taylor Lautner trained for about a year and in turn gained about thirty pounds of solid muscles. To achieve such a feat, he had to perform many power based exercises and eat a great deal of healthy foods that are rich in calories.

What Types of Exercises Did He Do?

While there is no official release as to the exact exercises and number of repeats that the young actor did in the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine, it has been known that they were mainly chosen to help him put on healthy muscles in all the right places. As such, specialized trainers have specific exercises that will help any other person reach Taylor Lautner’s level of fitness. Some of main types of exercises one will be expected to do include:

Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are sometimes considered better than standard weight lifting exercises because they need far less equipment in order to be performed. They function mainly by using the person’s own body weight against itself, thereby causing the body to gain strength simply by using itself.

Cardiovascular exercises

Besides the exercises needed to build muscles, there is always a need to use exercises in order to get rid of the extra body fat. In the case of Taylor Lautner, he was skinny so he only had a very small amount of body fat on him. Nevertheless, the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine still contained a good amount of cardio type exercises that helped get rid of the extra calories that he consumed with his heavy meals.

For the exercises that he used to build muscles, here are some examples of which Taylor Lautner was sure to have used during his workout sessions:

Bench press

One of the few exercises in the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine that requires the use of heavy weights, bench presses are one of the most commonly seen exercises around. It is the simple lifting of heavy barbells over the head and chest while lying in a prone position. It works mainly on the arms and chest, strengthening them effectively.

Pull ups

Probably the most common exercise for the back and arm muscles, pull ups are present in nearly every exercise routine that looks towards producing strong body muscles all over, the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet being no different. It can be done by using either monkey bars or vertical bars attached to the wall; either way, the effect is the same. The trainee is forced to pull their own body up using their own strength, thereby increasing strength tremendously in specific parts of the body.


The plank exercise is to be expected in the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine, seeing as it is amongst the best exercises around for toning abdominal muscles. Not only does it strengthen the core in the body, it also improves the overall body posture. As a bodyweight exercise, too, performing it requires only the trainee’s body and the floor, making it easy to be performed almost anywhere with a comfortable surface.


One of the most basic of exercises for the legs, lunges are easy to perform and very effective, assuming that they are done correctly. It is simply a matter of taking a step forwards and bending the knees until both are showing ninety degree angles with the thighs. To further their effectiveness in producing lean legs, some people do backward lunges or perform bicep curls with each lunge.

What Was His Diet?

The food part of the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet is quite different from standard Hollywood diets. This is mainly because of two reasons; one, Taylor Lautner had been younger than a normal actor going on a diet, and two, he had been naturally skinny and already had low body fat.

To help combat these factors of his, the main part of his diet was a simple idea: to eat as much as possible. He had to consume many calories in a single day, eating every two to three hours. At the same time, he also had to make sure that the food he consumed was mainly healthy. Nevertheless, at one point, Taylor Lautner was in so much need of calories that his personal trainer advised him to simply eat anything he could get his hands on.

Despite this, his eating habits now have remained healthy and he still takes in larger amounts than normal, simply because he is so much more used to it now. A typical meal plan in the Official Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet routine may look something like this:

  • For breakfast, eggs, egg whites and oatmeal, with a fruit drink.
  • First snack of the day, a simple protein bar.
  • For lunch, either lean chicken meat or red meat with vegetables and brown rice.
  • Second snack of the day, a standard protein shake.
  • For dinner, brown rice with vegetables and either fish or chicken, with a side portion of salad.