If you find someone very attractive whom you feel is like attracted to you as well, you can begin your way to seduction. If you just want to have a one night stand with a woman whom you are attracted to, you would have to make the first move and ask her out.

Dating is the first step to a night out with her so you need to be charming for her to get interested in going out with you. You do not have to be brusque just because you are only after ***, act like a true gentleman and be very polite to her. Here some advice on how to be successful in such a short kind of an intimate relationship with a woman:

Have Fun at Her Place

If you are going for a one night stand, better do it in her place. First, she is more comfortable in her own turf. Second, you can leave anytime you want to. There are some women who may want to spend the entire day or weekend with you, and if you do it in your place, you might be placed in an uncompromising situation where you want her to leave your place but you do not know how to say it to her. But, if you are in her place, you are free to go anytime you want to.

Say Goodbye Properly

Be a gentleman and do not just leave without saying a word to her. It does not mean that just because it is a one night stand, you can be totally disrespectful. Be polite and tell her that it is time for you to go back to your place. It is not proper for you to just sneak out at the middle in the night. Be a man and leave with grace by saying goodbye to her properly.

Be Honest

Be very honest with her about your intention. If the woman still wants to see you, tell her that it is just a one night stand. It may be a bit offensive, but at least, you were honest and you will save her from expectations.  Instead of promising her that you would call when in fact you have no intention to do so. Be a gentleman by being very honest from the very beginning.

Protect Yourself

Some men contract sexually transmitted diseases through one night stand. Protect yourself all the time. It is the only way you can safeguard your health.

So if you just want to have some fun and have *** with someone you are attracted to, those are the tips to follow. Always remember that it is not an excuse to be rude just because it is just a spur of the moment fling. Always behave like a gentleman and be very honest with your intentions. Do not make the habit of dating women and then allowing them to wait for you just because you made a promise to get in touch with them again. Honesty is still the best policy.