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Parry a Punch: Evade Like a Boxer

Knowing how to parry a punch is advantageous. By parrying a punch, you will be able to evade the blows of your opponent without exerting too much force. Therefore, you’ll be able to last longer and have a greater chance of winning a fight.

Parrying a Punch

Parrying a punch is not easy to learn. You need to have agility and good coordination to do it. Because punches can be swift and forceful, you also have to have the physical strength needed to perform this successfully. Thus, you will have to train well and hard to be able to have the skills to parry a punch.

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There are three types of parry that are commonly used by boxers: down parry, side parry, and loop parry. All parry techniques are efficient when used on the proper kind of punches. You have to know which technique to use.

Down Parry

Down parry is best used in straight jabs. If you’re not yet used to parrying a punch, it’s best that you use your dominant hand to be able to achieve better results. Bring up your hand near your face and your other hand on your side, slightly bent. If your opponent is punching you using his left hand, you should use your right hand to parry a punch. Once the opponent launches his punch, deflect it by tapping the hand downward. Then, if you can, deliver a blow using your left hand before your opponent gains his balance.

Side Parry

Side parry is an effective way to deflect stronger punches. You have to keep a short distance from your fist to your face, so that when you deflect a punch to the side, you won’t risk being hit in the face. When the straight hook is delivered, deflect the punch by pushing the blow to the side. Use your right hand when deflecting left-hand punches, just like in down parry. This will also enable you to retaliate while your opponent loses his balance and launches forward due to your deflection of his punch.

Loop Parry

If your opponent is far from you, using loop technique to parry a punch is a great skill. By rolling your hand while deflecting the punch so that your opponent’s hand will swing outwards, you will have more opportunity to deliver a counter attack. Unlike in down and side parry, you have to use the same hand to deflect punches. Right hand for right-hand punches, so that you’ll be able to rotate your hand and push the blow outwards.


  • Use parry for straight punches only. Do not parry a punch like uppercut, as this will be very hard to parry.
  • Don’t parry too many blows successively.
  • Do not slap the hand of the opponent when parrying, a tap will do. This will enable you to use your force when delivering a counter-blow, rather than using your strength just to counter the punch.