Dogs are too good for this world, too pure. These lovable pups have always been known as man’s best friend and for good reason. In order to memorialize their precious pooches, some people take pictures or videos. For some of those who want to have an eternal reminder of their pet, they get pawprint tattoos to signify the special bond between dog and owner. This is how someone would get a doggy paw print tattoo, and a bunch of adorable examples that you don’t want to miss.

20. Picking out a good spot

The first thing you need to do before getting a paw print tattoo is a cute puppy and a place to put it. You want to pick a place where you can see it, so you will often be reminded of your favorite pet. Let’s take a look at some of the most ‘pawesome’ tattoos! #14 and #9 are our favorites!

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