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People Are Getting Tattoos Of Their Dog’s Paw Print And They Look Incredible

People Are Getting Tattoos Of Their Dog’s Paw Print And They Look Incredible

Dogs are too good for this world, too pure. These lovable pups have always been known as man’s best friend and for good reason. In order to memorialize their precious pooches, some people take pictures or videos. For some of those who want to have an eternal reminder of their pet, they get pawprint tattoos to signify the special bond between dog and owner. This is how someone would get a doggy paw print tattoo, and a bunch of adorable examples that you don’t want to miss.

20. Picking out a good spot

The first thing you need to do before getting a paw print tattoo is a cute puppy and a place to put it. You want to pick a place where you can see it, so you will often be reminded of your favorite pet. Let’s take a look at some of the most ‘pawesome’ tattoos! #14 and #9 are our favorites!

19. Cute and Colorful

Our first example is a creative one – they dipped their dog’s paw in several different colors of paint, and transferred that to their leg to make an eye-catching piece of art. But is it as creative as our next entry?

18. Twin Tats

Here we have someone with 2 dogs to daycare back at home. Each pup gets a separate leg to leave their mark on – showing that the owner loves them both equally. But even these 2 memorials aren’t as cute as what’s coming up next.

17. Admiring Her Work

Doesn’t she look proud of her work? She knows how much she matters to her master, and the proof is right there on her ankle. The tattoo is a little inky, clearly, a real paw print taken and not just a symbolic gesture. Although this tattoo is adorable, the next one is even better!

16. Down and Dirty

This tat looks like the paw it came from left its mark just this morning! This messy ink design shows a very competent tattoo artist, as well as a somewhat impatient doggy model. At least he sat still for this picture, right? The next puppy had a slightly different approach…

15. Photo-Realistic

Now here’s a pretty paw painting! This one went for a very realistic approach – a good choice considering the iconic and rememberable black spots on the paw pads. When you see this tattoo, you know exactly which dog it represents. It might even be as “impressive” as the next one.

14. Deeper Meaning

This artistic entry makes it appear as though the paw was actually pressed into the skin and left an impression, just as any paw would leave a print in soft dirt or sand. Upon closer inspection, this tattoo looks almost painted on, not unlike…

13. Wild Watercolor

Just look at how creative of a tattoo this one is, the face of the dog is masterfully hidden in its own print, and all of it is held together by bright colors that really make it pop. But even this isn’t as abstract as the next tattoo.

12. Outside the Lines

This owner got her pet’s print and traced it out, then added a colorful splash that represents the playful and messy attitude of many dogs around the world. The next one, however, is more specific…

11. Memorial

This little memorial is designed lovingly – a clearly accurate paw print of a passed pooch, surrounded by a heart made of little prints and the Latin word “Semper”, meaning “always.” The next memorial it might be even sadder.

10. Four Friends

This big tattoo clearly stands in memorial of four precious dogs that clearly meant a lot to their owner. Each print represents a different dog, colored like their fur with their names beneath each. Speaking of multiple paw prints…

9. Twinning

This is another tattoo with multiple prints, this time showing two paws of the same dog. It’s almost like the puppy jumped on his master’s arm to lick her face, and his paws just left these eternal markers representing their bond. The next one shows a clear bond too…

8. <3

This one isn’t too dissimilar to previous entries on the list, save for the cute little heart in the top right toe bean. This shows how close the two are, or maybe this pup actually had a heart shaped mark on his toe…? Probably not. The next one shows closeness in a very different way.

7. Printception

This must have been a fun day, both you and your dog getting ink prints to take to the tattoo artist later. If your dog tried to track ink all over the house, you’d have to be careful not to mess up the house yourself as you chase your puppy around. Speaking of careful…

6. Almost Hidden

This awesome little white ink tattoo incorporates the heart we’ve seen before, but due to its color, it almost looks like a dog is pressing out from the inside. It really shows how our pets always stay with us, even if they’re not around. As for another example of that lesson…

5. Colorful and Full of Care

This one is a fantastic blend of colors, with a beautiful quote surrounding the print, showing that the passed puppy, Ju Ju B, will forever be in his owner’s heart. Even this one’s color isn’t as artful as the next entry.

4. Gizmo’s Flowers

Here we see a colorful print, owned by “Gizmo,” inside a heart and surrounded by a multitude of different flowers. It has a youthful spirit, just like the playful dog it represents. The next one incorporates flowers in a different way.

3. Intricate Tracing

This one took a  puppy print and traced it, before filling in the paw pad and each toe bean with curling vines, leaves, and flowers. It shows how even though dogs are man’s best friends, they still come from nature just like every other animal. And to show a dog’s animal uniqueness…

2. Pooch Portrait

Here we see a dog’s paw print, and he’s identified in another way as well – his side profile is clearly outlined in the center of his paw pad. If you know this dog, you’ll recognize him in this tattoo every time you see it.

1. Crystal Infinity

This one is really cool because it artistically fills the paw print with a reflective crystalline pattern, and places an artsy infinity symbol beneath the print, representing the eternal bond between man and dog.