If you keep on seeing blood when you shave, you’re probably doing something wrong. To have a perfect shave, you need to know the steps on how to do it properly. Well, you won’t be able to shave properly if you’re hurrying or doing other things like watching TV or taking a shower. It might sound too much, but shaving requires time, like women when they apply cosmetics before a date night.

Time is Very Important for a Perfect Shave

Many men try to shave when they are in a hurry, or distracted by other things. These things affect the quality of shave you get, leaving you ****** after the shave. If you think you can’t spend some more time inside the bathroom, don’t shave. Proper grooming requires time, and you can’t have it in less than a minute. So, what do you do to get a perfect shave?


This is something you do before you shave. It’s best done using a steamed towel – this softens the beard growth. With this, shaving becomes easier. It also keeps you away from shaving off your skin since you don’t have to put more pressure while you shave.

There are many ways to have a steamed towel. The quickest way to do it is wetting the towel without drippings and putting it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. You can also do the traditional way of putting the towel in the steam of boiling water.

After wrapping your beard with the steamed towel, you can apply the pre-shave solution. This makes the beard growth softer, which is perfect for shaving. Then, apply the shaving cream to lubricate the shaving process, swell keratin, and lessen the sensitivity of the skin. Now that you’re finished with the pre-shaving stage of the perfect shave, now you can go to the shaving process.


One of the most common mistakes of men in shaving is going along and against the grain simultaneously. Others don’t really care – they just shave in any way they want to. After applying the shaving cream, the first thing to do is to shave along the grain. Whether it’s on the sides or under your lips, always remember to shave with the grain.

After shaving with the grain, that’s the only time you go against it. On the other hand, make sure to reapply the shaving cream before doing it. After shaving, you can apply cold water to close the pores on your face.

Useful tip: If you’re using an aftershave treatment, don’t put it when the skin is still wet. The water on your face just blocks the treatment from reaching your skin. Wait until the skin is dry before you apply the aftershave treatment.

So, what’s the key for a perfect shave? Remember these things – steam, apply pre-shaving, apply shaving cream, shave with the grain, apply the shaving cream again, shave against the grain, apply cold water or towel, and then go for the aftershave finish. If you’re looking for shaving products, make sure you use something that suits your skin perfectly.