The advent of digital cameras and camera phones have led everyone to take as many pictures as they wish. These pictures are usually posted on social media sites like Facebook. You don’t want to put yourself in an embarrassing position with not-so-good-looking pictures, so here are some pointers on how to be photogenic and look better in pictures.

Don’t Try to Look Cool

Avoid trying hard to look cool in a photo with poses that are unnatural. There are men who pose with arms crossed, trying to show off their biceps: this is just bad. Try to look relaxed. Place your arms in your pockets or just let them rest comfortably at your sides. Avoid looking too stiff. Your arms shouldn’t be glued to your sides, but slightly away from your body.

Think of Your Posture

Be photogenic by not slouching in front of the camera. Remember to stand up straight and be confident about yourself. One of the first things people notice in a picture is the way you stand: it says so much about your confidence. If you’re in a slouched position, you come across as someone who’s lazy and unmindful of his looks.

Eye Contact

Be photogenic by avoiding looking directly into the camera. The style is to turn your head ten degrees to the side and look away from the camera for a more relaxed look. The trick is to focus your eyes just above the camera lens and not directly into it.

Avoid Having a Double Chin

Try to elongate your neck during photo sessions. This way, you look taller and slimmer in the pictures.

Study Your Face

Study your face in front of a mirror and study which angle is the right one for you. Be photogenic by looking at your old photos. You’ll learn which angle of your face is more camera-friendly. Even models have a better angle. Study how to project in front of a mirror.

Wear Proper Clothes

You need to wear nice-fitting clothes in order to look photogenic. It’s not just about the smile or your facial projection; the color and type of clothes you wear also have an impact on how well the pictures come out. Bright colored shirts look good in photographs.


Always smile in front of a camera. You have to make an effort to smile because nothing looks better in pictures than a happy, smiling face.

Find a Perfect Spot

In order to have nice photos, be sure that the spot is not too sunny or too dark. The lighting will greatly affect the outcome of the pictures.

Looking good in photos requires confidence. If you want to have charisma with the camera, be confident in yourself, be relaxed. The only way to be photogenic is to exude confidence.