If you are in a relationship and you want to surprise your woman a gift that is practical, yet very sexy, you can give her lingerie. She can wear it as a sleepwear or as an undergarment, so the dual purpose of the gift makes it a practical one. The problem is how to pick lingerie that will fit her body type and one that is very comfortable. You would not want to give her something that is not soft on her skin and definitely something that is not of her size.

Below are some expert tips on how to choose lingerie:

Bra Size

The first rule to follow is to avoid buying bras, as much as possible. This is because you also need to know the cup size of the bra. But if you really need to buy her one, then here are the guidelines to follow if you want to pick lingerie bra for her:

    • Breasts the size of lemons – A cup
    • Breasts the size of oranges – B cup
    • Breasts the size of grapefruits – C cup
    • Breasts the size of cantaloupes – D cup

It is advisable that you choose soft bras if you are not very sure with her size. Soft bras have no under-wires, thus, it is easier to choose a size because you’re given a small room for mistake.


A full slip is very sexy, provided that it is made from soft fabrics and the lace materials are placed in areas that would complement her features. If she has small breasts, pick lingerie with lacy materials around the breast area so it would look fuller. If she has wide hips, avoid buying slips that have laces all over the lower part of the slip because it will only accentuate her wide hips.

The good thing with a slip is that it is fairly easy to fit and can be forgiving, at times. So, if your woman does not really possess a flattering figure, she can still look good wearing a slip. Choose the one that is made with mesh material because it is good for all body types. As much as possible, when you pick lingerie, stick with classic color combos. The classic colors will complement whatever her skin color is.


Women’s underwear comes in variety of styles. There are thongs, full panties, bikini panties, and so much more. As soon as you enter a lingerie store, you may have a difficult time figuring which among the tons of choices to select. If you are not sure which size to get her, stick to underwear made from lace materials. They can be stretched, in case they are small for her size.

If it is one size bigger, then you don’t need to worry because it can still look good on her because the lacy fabric would make it appear sexy.

Remember though that you can only pick lingerie for her if you are already in a serious relationship but not if you are just beginning dating her.