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Borneo: Plant Coral Reef

Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world and is full of experiences that will dramatically change your life. Wouldn’t it be great to not only enjoy the wonders of nature but to also help preserve it? When you go to Borneo, you can do just that. Borneo offers opportunities to experience the largest island in Asia’s underwater world in a non-tourist way. You can be one of the volunteers that will help plant coral reef in Borneo. This is made possible by TRACC (Tropical Research and Conservation Centre) and other organizations that help tourists get the chance to help preserve coral reef in the ocean of Borneo.

>>>Volunteer to Preserve & Protect Coral in Borneo

In this adventure, you will not only be able to plant coral reef but also study marine biology firsthand. This is a week-long program, which gives you enough time to get to know more about marine life and to enjoy your fit travel for a cause.

Planting Coral Reef: The Costs

For about $1,280, you can plant coral reef and study marine biology in Borneo. Everything is included in your fees – accommodations, food, etc. Thus, all you have to do is enjoy your vacation and experience it the non-tourist way. Get your hands dirty and make a difference.

Do More than Just Sunbathing

Instead of just sitting on the beach, you can do a lot more by going on this program. Spend your whole week doing field work in the ocean, studying marine life (particularly corals). Once you can go on the diving spot after proper instruction from your tourist guide and instructor, you can explore the coral reef and help plant coral fragments to help rehabilitate places that had been damaged by harmful fishing methods such as dynamite fishing.

Get a Diving Certificate

Even when you do not have a diving certificate prior to this trip, you can still join in and enjoy planting coral fragments. You can gain your C-card diving certificate during your adventure in Borneo, which makes your trip more memorable and worthwhile.

So, even when you do not know anything about technical diving, you can learn everything you need to know while on this trip. Thus, you can be more active on your future trips and continue to help protect and preserve underwater life on future trips around the globe.

Planting on Cement

Instructors will teach you how to properly mix cement to achieve proper texture and form them into rocks so that coral fragments can be stuck in the holes using a two-part epoxy. This is a great experience because this skill and tactic can be used in other facets of life outside this program.

You can save these organisms from extinction by helping plant them at the epicenter of coral reef, which is Sabah, Borneo. Tell your buddies and family about this experience and expedition so that you can join this program as a group and make this trip all the more enjoyable.

Go make a difference, my friends.