If you are an athlete who engages in a rigorous daily training, you know how it feels after a gruesome exercise routine. You feel lethargic and you have drained all your energy reserve from exerting too much effort. There are days when you do not feel like eating but you just want to go to bed and sleep. All the more for bodybuilders because of the pressure they place on their muscles for lifting very heavy gym equipments. Luckily, there is a food supplement that can be of aid for bodybuilders called phosphatidyl serine.

How It Works

This mineral is a type of fat that is present in body cells, and it is referred to as phosphorous. The body can produce it naturally and foods that are rich in phosphorous are green leafy vegetables and grains but they’re not enough to meet the daily requirements of bodybuilders. It is presently manufactured in capsule forms and the sources are soy and cabbage.

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It used to be from the brains of the cow, but since the occurrence of mad cow disease and the danger of transference from cows to humans, manufacturers started to get it from soy and cabbage.

The mineral phosphorous plays a very important role in maintaining the cell membranes. Cells have a way of sending signals to each other and through this mineral; cells are able to do their jobs of maintaining a healthy environment. Bodybuilders who undergo intense training damage their cells and free radicals destroy these cells and prevent them from protecting the body from illnesses. The mineral phosphorous helps in destroying these free radicals.


  1. Neurological enhancement – phosphorous can be found mostly in the brain area and this food supplement can help an athlete or a bodybuilder to focus more. There are studies that involve athletes and it was concluded that phosphatidyl serine can significantly decrease the chances of memory loss, improve the concentration of athletes, and their attention span is positively affected.
  2. Cell membrane protection – too much stress on the physical body can damage the cell membranes. This is due to the fact that stress increases the levels of free radicals that roam around the body. Phosphorous has the ability to look for these free radicals and get rid of them at the same time. As a result, more vitamins and minerals are better synthesized by the liver. Bodybuilders can prevent the overtraining syndrome because they can recover quickly and their muscles can be repaired by adding phosphorous in their diet.
  3. Cortisol suppression – a prolonged exercise regimen can increase the levels of cortisol. As a result, the muscles weaken. There are also the problems of loss of calcium through sweating, and loss of protein which can then lead to muscle breakdown. Now this food supplement has the ability to balance the cortisol level of bodybuilders and other athletes.


Though it may have numerous benefits, precaution should be taken when taking this to prevent any unwanted results. Those who are taking blood thinning medicines are asked to refrain from taking this, as well as those who have some kidney and liver diseases.