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Pregnant Horse Lies Down To Give Birth…Then Her Owners Are Shocked

Pregnant Horse Lies Down To Give Birth…Then Her Owners Are Shocked

Whenever a baby is born into the world, it feels like a small miracle all on its own. So when a birth happens that completely defies the odds, it can be pretty astonishing as well. That is exactly the case with a pregnant horse, Emma. You see Emma would soon give birth to a miracle that would blow away her owners and most veterinarians. This amazing wonder was videotaped so that everyone around the world could believe in miracles just a bit more.

20. The Odds

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For those of you that may not know, the odds of which people give birth to twins are about 3 in every 100 births. That’s a pretty small percentage if you think about just how many births happen on a grand scale on our planet. The chances for a horse are even lower…

19. Rare Occurrence

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You see having twins is incredibly rare for a horse. The odds are not in their favor as 1 in 10,000 horses ever has twins. If by a miraculous chance, a female horse does get pregnant with twins, the rate of the twins surviving is even lower.

18. Low Survival Rate

Image: Brookside Stables

The chance that twin horses will survive until the mother is able to give birth is even rarer. Most of the time, one of the embryos completely takes over or one of the embryos will just die. Vets have even had to perform an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy due to this occurrence.

But, why is it so rare?

17. Doctor’s Word

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Nicola Jarvis, a senior veterinary surgeon at a horse sanctuary in the UK, has explained the situation in a way that makes total sense. He says, “If you have two foals, they are vying for space and the chances of them coming out alive and well are slim.”

That certainly explains why it is so rare, but that doesn’t mean it never happens and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

16. Tough Pregnancy


With Nicola Jarvis’s explanation, the rarity of twin horses makes a lot of sense. After all, a horse’s body isn’t large enough to easily carry two foals. We can only imagine that one would be hard enough.

This is why Emma’s story is so out of this world!

15. Emma

Image: Animals Melt My Heart

Meet Emma, a California female horse that recently got pregnant. The mama to-be was getting pretty big and her owners were getting ready for her to give birth at any time. Nobody expected the shocker that would soon occur!

14. Shocking News

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Emma’s owners were about to be in for a real surprise, as they had no idea that Emma was pregnant with twins. So when the horse finally lay down to give birth, they were only expecting one foal to come out. Instead, two adorable foals greeted them. No one could believe what was happening…

13. Survival

Image: Animals Melt My Heart

Luckily for Emma, not only did she give birth to both foals but they also both came out happy and healthy. Her twins survived the entire pregnancy into birth and the owners were super excited to make room for the two new additions.

You’ll awww at the names the twins were given!

12. Naming

Image: Daily Mail

The owners decided to name the adorable twins, Will and Grace. How cute is that? It is a serious miracle that the mother and the foals are all healthy. While this is an exceptionally amazing story, Emma isn’t the first horse ever to successfully give birth to healthy twins.

Check out the next adorable mom!

11. The Twins

Image: Daily Mail

Do you see these two adorable horses? They are twins, Leo and Corby and they are both another horse medical anomaly. Their mother, Georgie, successfully gave birth to them when no one was expecting it!

10. Owners Surprise

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You see, Georgie’s owner also had no idea that the horse was pregnant with twins. As we’ve mentioned before, twins are very rare so when Georgie began to give birth, the sight of two baby foal heads blew the owner Becky Passmore away.

9. Big Surprise

Image: Andersen Snowy Mountain Stables

Passmore noticed that Becky was looking larger than usual but she thought nothing of it. She figured that the foal would just be large. But when she walked into the stables late one night she was shocked at what she found.

8. Becky’s Findings


When I went to the stables around 2am, I could see Georgie Girl through the window and she was standing quite happily. I was pretty shocked when I opened the door and a foal fell out,’ said Miss Passmore.

But that was only the beginning of the surprises…

7. Two Foals

Image: Horse Channel

I picked it up and put it in a straw bed and went to leave, but then I saw another foal curled up behind the water buckets. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Passmore said.

However, unlike Will & Grace, Leo & Corby were not born without any complications.

6. Intensive Care

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Passmore had to take the twin foals to the intensive care unite at the veterinarian’s because the foals were born prematurely. They only stayed there for 2 days and then were sent off back to their home to be with their mama. Passmore recalls how she took care of the foals when they got back and it’s adorable.

5. Feeding

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Passmore recalled how she bottle-fed the foals for a bit when they first came back home from intensive care. Her dedication was so strong that she even slept with them in the stables at night. She wanted to be sure that the foals were doing all right while they were still so young…

4. Gaining Strength

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Gradually I let them be because they get stronger and stronger every day, though they’re still very wobbly on their legs,” she said.

These days, Leo & Corby are healthier than ever and they love running around. Although they are twins they do not look all that much alike!

Check out how different they are.

3. Differences

Image: Daily Mail

Although the horses are identical twins, there is one very big difference that separates the two. As you can see, Leo has a slightly larger star on his forehead. The two are still completely inseparable and they love running around with their mama.

2. Beautiful Miracle


As you can see, twin horses are a very rare occurrence. Just the mere the fact that Will & Grace were born completely healthy without the need for veterinary help was a miracle on its own. The adorable Leo & Corby are another gorgeous set that proves that medical anomalies can happen at any time!

1. Sharing The Miracle


The miracle of birth is always astounding, but we become even more appreciative when we realize just how rare certain occurrences are. Be sure to share this amazing story of twin horses with all of your animal lover friends so that they can catch a glimpse at this beautiful miracle of life.