Ecuador is a republic in the north-west corner of South America high up in the Andes Mountain Range and it is considered to be the smallest country in South America. It occupies both the Southern and the Northern Hemispheres and it is divided by the equator, thus, the name Ecuador. It is known for its Galapagos Islands that are located off the coast. It has four regions namely:  the Amazon Rainforest, the Coast, the Sierra, and the Galapagos region. There are many interesting fit travel activities in this country where you can appreciate nature. Travel to this place and learn to preserve and respect nature.

Land Activities

If you are looking for adventure, Ecuador will not disappoint you. Here, you can enjoy the sceneries through a mountain bike, and Quinto is popular for it. There are several places around Quinto that will make any cycling enthusiast feel very excited. There are flat surfaces that you can travel through the valleys of the Sierra, and declines from Quinto to the Cloud Forest. There is also a downhill slope from the mountains of the Andes.

Aquatic and Air Activities

There are a lot of relaxing beaches along the coast of Ecuador. These beaches can be found in the provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabi. You can go surfing and the best time to travel in Ecuador for this activity is between January and May when the weather is warm.

You can also go whale watching and it is an activity that is famous for educating tourists in preserving the nature. You can watch humpback whales which reside in the waters of Antarctica. These whales are also called toothless whales for as the name suggests, they are toothless but have plates of keratin through which they filter foods.  The best place to watch whales is at Isla de la Plata where there is also a diverse distribution of flora and fauna. Travel to this place between the months of July and September. But if you prefer to see dolphins, the best time to visit is between May and November.

Parks and Reserves

Ecuador is very rich in flora and fauna. It has breathtaking landscapes from the coast and the Amazon to the Andes Mountains which have an important value in biodiversity and culture in the mainland. You can admire volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, nature reserves, mountain ranges, and rivers.

Huaorani Community

Visit the ancient Huaorani community and learn how they live in harmony in their rainforest surroundings using the ancient way of hunting with the use of a spear (without killing an animal), how they build fires in wet surroundings of the Amazon forest, and other important skills to survive in the jungle.

If you travel to Ecuador, there are many ways to be active in such a small country. You can go kayaking in the Amazon River, be adventurous and explore the Amazon jungle, immerse yourself in its ancient culture, and take memorable photographs. Plan a trip to this part of the earth and you will forever cherish the experience.