This is an herb and the scientific name is Silybum marianum. The fruit of this plant is the one used primarily for liver health. The main ingredient from this plant is silimaryn. It is widely used to protect the liver from intake of too much pain relievers like ibuprofen and damage to the liver brought about by excessive drinking.

Milk thistle is also used by bodybuilders to protect their liver when taking steroids for increase in muscle mass. Moreover, bodybuilders load their bodies with protein milks and shakes, and too much of these could lead to a serious liver disease. This supplement protects them from such a complication.

It also helps bodybuilders have a stronger immune system because of a toxin-free liver. A healthy liver can process the nutrients the body gets from food and other synthetic vitamins and minerals.

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  1. As mentioned, it’s used for liver protection. The main purpose for using this food supplement is to clean the liver from toxins. Silimaryn acts as an immune booster for the liver, clearing it from the toxic build-up from the use of medicines like steroids and from alcohol abuse. Once the body is freed from all those toxins, the liver will be brought back to its healthy state.
  2. It can help reverse mushroom poisoning. Accidental intake of a poisonous mushroom variety can lead to death, but once milk thistle is given a few minutes after ingestion, it can counteract the poisonous substance and clear the blood stream from poisonous elements.
  3. Bodybuilders who take a testosterone supplement for muscle gain can benefit from taking this because the synthetic testosterone can damage the liver. Bodybuilders have a need for synthetic testosterone to give them more power and strengthen their endurance for training and competition.
    In addition, they also take steroids which are responsible for increasing the size of their muscles. These supplements may have positive effects on the size of their muscles but not on their liver. Thus, by adding milk thistle in their diet, they clean their liver from the harmful effects. It will also boost their immune system because a healthy liver equates better absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  4. It’s also used for the treatment of diabetes. In conjunction with diabetes medicines, it is proven to lower the glucose level of those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. In addition, those tested also showed lower cholesterol.
  5. It also helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome. Although this problem is a psychological issue, scientific studies have shown that those who have an unhealthy liver experience chronic fatigue syndrome. Their bodies do not absorb nutrients very well, in effect, making them sickly and they get tired easily.
  6. It also helps in gallbladder stones prevention. The silimaryn can improve the solubility of bile which prevents stones from forming. It also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the bile which also contributes to gallstones formation.

Side Effects

This product is usually well-tolerated by the body. However, in order to avoid any complications, it is still safer to consult a medical practitioner before taking this product. Some people may have some allergic reactions to the main ingredient, so medical advice is important.