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Puppy Was Abandoned For Being Too Small, But When This Woman Saved Him This Happened

‘We believe all dogs should be given a chance and fair evaluation,’ wrote Short Noses Only Rescue Team (SNORT) on their website. They’re ready to help man’s best friend and would do anything to save pups that other people think are a lost cause. SNORT hopes to continue saving and matching the short-faced dogs with the right homes.

And just a few weeks ago, they were introduced to a minuscule French bulldog puppy. The breeder had to leave him, losing hope in Augustus, the tiny pup… But a vet took him in, and wait until you see him doing this cute thing!

20. Shockingly Small

When veterinarian Meghan DeBiasio heard that she would have to check a tiny French bulldog puppy, she would have never believed that it would be so small! But she finally met him in person!

19. Getting to the Rescue

A breeder didn’t think that this tiny pup will survive, so they just dropped him off with the rescue group called SNORT. They take in all the brachycephalic, also known as short-faced dogs in Hoboken (New Jersey) that need some help…

18. The Vet Had to Help

When the rescue group came to see DeBiasio, they presented her the tiny puppy. As soon as she saw Augustus, she knew that it would be tough, but the pup needed all the help he could get. He was tiny for a reason…

17. Born Different

This little pup was born with a cleft palate. That meant he couldn’t eat properly and he was this tiny because getting nutrients while nursing was very though. He was three weeks old, but remained the size of a newborn!

16. Keeping Augustus Alive

DeBiasio is a specialist in short-faced dogs. She explains that ‘a lot of times, cleft palate puppies are brought to be put to sleep immediately.’ That’s because the breeders don’t want to spend money to help them…

15. A Chance At Life

DeBiasio knows that ‘without rescues like SNORT, cleft palate is like a death sentence.’ So, she took a chance and took the tiny pup to her home to care for him all the time. You won’t believe how skinny he was!

14. He Was 14 Ounces

On the SNORT’s website, they have started a charity for tiny Augustus, explaining all the procedures he’ll have to go through: ‘Weighing only 14 ounces, this little nugget is veryyyy hungry.’ He had to be fed through feeding tubes…

13. Five Weeks Have Passed

The puppy is now eight weeks old, and after so much liquid food, he’s recently been able to eat on his own some kibble soaked in water! He looks much better than when he was only three weeks old. Wait until you see him doing this at #7.

12. Another Problem Ahead

The road to recovery will be long, added DeBiasio. She thinks that the pup might also have hydrocephalus, which is “water on the brain.” Augustus will need to be checked by a specialist and see if it’s the case for future surgeries.

11. A Tough Start

Augustus might have had a tough start, but he is now in the best hands and shows everyone that he’s a fighter. DeBiasio, the vet and foster mom, shared some photos and videos of this fierce and tiny beast!

10. ‘He Just Sat There’

‘When I first got him, he just sat there,’ said DeBiasio. She believed that the ‘condition has definitely caused a bit of mental delay as well.’ But then, some more weeks passed… Her words melted our hearts!

9. Happy In His Foster Home

DeBiasio said that Augustus started ‘to recognize me every day now. It’s been beautiful to see.’ He even likes his home and can find his own food dish. His favorite past time is to snuggle under DeBiasio’s hair!

8. Discovering Grass

Augustus just loves to rub his face in the grass or sit on people’s shoulders. His foster mom said that ‘He recently discovered grass for the first time and he loved it.’ You won’t believe what he did afterward!

7. Let Me Out!

‘Now he’s sitting at the screen door waiting to go back out,’ said DeBiasio. Sparing this pup’s life was the best decision the breeder took, by giving him away to the rescue group. The story isn’t finished yet!

6. He’s a Fighter!

SNORT members, the vet, and her boyfriend are amazed to see how well Augustus is now. It was truly a miracle to see him pull through those critical moments. But there’s one more family member that helped him recover…

5. Augustus Has Two Foster Moms!

Augustus might be missing some ‘body parts,’ and he might be different, but he’s surrounded by a loving family and many friends. And among those is Juno, one of DeBiasio’s dogs. Juno adores Augustus!

4. Juno Keeps an Eye on Him

‘She is his protector, as she is with all the other sick puppies I’ve fostered,’ said DeBiasio. She explained that every time he wants to get out of his dog bed, Juno doesn’t let him, fearing he’ll fall! ‘She was just made to be a mom,’ added DeBiasio.

3. Augustus Will Get Surgery

The pup will continue to grow, and the vet hopes that Augustus will be strong to get his cleft palate operation until he reaches the age of six months. There is still some time until that, and many expenses to cover…

2. He’s Getting a Lot Of Love

Until Augustus is ready to have his operation, DeBiasio, her boyfriend and Juno will continue to keep a close eye on him. They’re showering this pup with tons of love. Meanwhile, on their website, SNORT is raising money for his recovery.

1. This Tiny Pup Is Worth It!

DeBiasio knows that Augustus is a ‘strong little boy.’ She said that ‘he has a far way to go still, but he’s so worth it. You see him, and your heart just melts.’ She got that right because we have completely melted just by looking at his photos!

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