Push ups are a great way to not only test your own level of fitness and strength, but a great way to improve your overall condition. No matter where you are on the scale when you do your initial push ups test, it is best to start with a six-week program in getting to the point of doing 100 push ups without stopping.

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Form and technique is vitally important because it is easy to cheat and there are a number of ways to cheat. There are also many different variations of the push up. The great Jack LaLanne was a master at stretched push ups did 100 push ups every day, even when he was over 90 years old.

Push-Up Principles

Putting your hands anywhere other than directly level with your shoulders will change the stress that you put on your shoulders as well as your chest or pec muscles. The best way to get results when doing push ups is to make sure that you focus on keeping your midsection tight and your legs straight.

It is always important to breathe out on exertion which means exhaling as you push the floor away from you when you push up. Make sure that your feet are straight and together when performing standard push ups, unless you are doing one of the many different variations that there are of push ups.

The process is simple and you will be increasing the amount of push ups that you do every day. By simply performing sets where you get to the point of failure, you will be on your way to your goal. By eating clean, hydrating as you should, and getting 8 hours good quality sleep, you should also be seeing remarkable changes in your physique as you harden your chest and chisel your frame.

Progression With Pull-Ups

The progression is simple and structured as you will be doing 5 sets a day every day for 6 weeks and slowly increasing the amounts of reps that you are doing. It does not matter what your maximum amount of push ups is when you start as the natural progression that you do every day will result in 100 push ups without stopping.

Your goal, as odd as this sounds, is to do push ups until you cannot do anymore push ups. By doing this, you will be pushing your muscles to their limits. Thus, demanding that they create new limits. It is important to note that your rest period between the sets that you do is a maximum of 90 seconds. This will mean that only doing 5 sets is not going to take you a long time to complete. But you need to focus your attention on the specific training and not the time that it takes you. The reason that you are only resting a maximum of 90 seconds is that sports science has conclusively proven that the intensity with which you train is a lot more important than the time that you spend training. This is important and you need to start and finish your push ups workout with intent.

As you get to your last set or two you will notice that you will be getting to the point of failure quicker and may feel that if you rest longer you will be able to do more reps. Don’t let that distract you.

While doing this every day can be overdoing it because you need to give your muscles a chance to recover, the real point here is to be consistent and not give up. Make it a habit to get your push ups in. Your goal is to find your boundaries (5 push ups, 20 push ups, whatever yours is), and then stretching those boundaries over time and commanding your body to do more.