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Race Against Time For The Little Boy Zac Who Is The Only Child In Britain Suffering From Rare Disease Gets Help From Simon Cowell

Race Against Time For The Little Boy Zac Who Is The Only Child In Britain Suffering From Rare Disease Gets Help From Simon Cowell

When a sweet 4-year-old boy was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of leukemia his family was absolutely devastated by the news. However, the most devastating part was that the only ground-breaking treatment for the disease was in Philadelphia. The family had a huge dilemma in front of them as they had no idea how they could pay for all of this. Then one day, a miracle arrived that could help save their son’s life. 

20. Zac Oliver 

Image: Daily Mail

Zac Oliver is a sweet 4-year-old boy that lives in Shropshire, UK. Recently, he and his parents got the worst news of any of their lives. The young boy was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of cancer…

19. Rare Cancer  

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It seems that Zac is suffering from an incredibly rare form of leukemia. The form of this leukemia is so rare, in fact, that Zac is the only person in the UK suffering from the illness. This was a devastating blow to the Oliver family. 

18. No Options 

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Since doctors in the UK had never treated such a rare disease before, they weren’t sure what steps to take next. The Oliver family was running out of options, however, they refused to give up hope. That’s when they started to do some research. 

17. New Treatment 

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Hannah, Zac’s mother, began to do some research and came across something that gave her hope once more. Apparently there was some ground-breaking new research on Zac’s exact leukemia happening at this very moment. However, the new treatment was all the way in Philadelphia in the United States. 

16. Lots of Money 

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Hannah knew that this entire trip would cost them a lot of money. After all, they would need to travel and stay in the United States so that Zac could get his treatment. However, that wouldn’t be the only cost. 

15. Big Costs 

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Since the treatments are all brand new, they would cost the family a pretty penny as well. In fact, some of Zac’s treatments would cost the family around a thousand pounds per month. So Hannah decided to set up a fundraiser to see if people would be willing to help her and her son. 

14. Fundraiser Goal 

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Hannah set up the fundraiser with the hopes of reaching 500,000 British pounds (which amounts to around 650,000 US Dollars). “We have been told there is a 25 percent success rate in treating the leukemia that Zac has. I will move heaven and earth to get him in that 25 percent,” Hannah said. 

13. Willing To Take 

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Even if the chance is only 25%, to a mother who loves there child that percentage is all she needs. Hannah has stated that Zac’s life is 100% worth fighting for, no matter what it takes. So she started up the crowdfunding page, hoping that she could collect even a quarter of the money needed. 

12. Diagnosis 

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Zac’s diagnosis had occurred on a day when he came home with a hurt arm. “He said he had fallen and hurt his arm,” Hannah recalls. “No one had seen him fall, but he was holding it as if it was broken.” So Hannah brought Zac over to the doctor immediately. 

11. Blood Cancer

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The doctor’s placed Zac’s arm in a cast as it appeared to be fractured, however, over time they realized there was an underlying issue. That’s when they did some tests on Zac and realized that he was suffering from a rare blood cancer. Then, two days later the suspicions were confirmed. 

10. Two Days Later 

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It was two days later when Zac couldn’t walk even though his legs appeared to be physically fine. Soon enough, doctors noticed that Zac had blood freckles all over his face. That’s when they diagnosed him with the rarest strain of leukemia, Near Haploid.

9. Extremely Rare

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Only 0.5 percent of children diagnosed with leukemia suffer from Near Haploid,” Hannah told. “We haven’t found another sufferer in this country, but there are two in America.” The only chance for Zac’s survival was a bone marrow infusion.

8. No Match 

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However, no one in the family was a match for Zac. Their final option was in a treatment called Cart T Cell therapy. However, the treatment is extremely expensive and the family couldn’t afford the treatments. That’s when they began looking into crowdfunding sources.

7. Doing Everything 

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Zac’s parents, family and friends all started to work incredibly hard to raise up the funds. They were able to host events and urged people that even the smallest donation would help out the family. “Time is not on our side,” Hannah admitted, “but we will do everything to give Zac a fighting chance.”

6. Daily Mail 

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Soon enough, Zac’s story was picked up by Daily Mail and made headlines everywhere. This gave the family the exact exposure that they needed to be able to raise up the funds. In fact, they were able to raise an astounding 400,000 pounds in a short amount of time!

5. Big Surprise 

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People were moved by Zac’s heartbreaking story, including one mystery donor that refused to name himself. This mystery man donated 100,000 pounds to the fundraiser. The family was astonished by the man’s generosity. 

4. No Worries 

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At first, Hannah couldn’t believe that the donation was real. However, her suspicions were calmed when the mystery donor spoke to her on the phone. He wished to remain anonymous and told her to “not to worry” and that she could already “pack her bags”. She was incredibly moved by the action! 

3. Another Donation 

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“It takes a very special type of person to do that”, Hannah said to BBC. “Hopefully we will come back with a cured little boy who will get his life back.” After hearing about the story, international celebrity Simon Cowell donated 50,000 pounds to the little boy’s treatment as well! The family was blown away by everyone’s generosity. 

2. Amazing Gift

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Some people are just born special with a desire to help others,” Hannah told about the mystery benefactor. “They have given us a massive gift – the gift of life for Zac, hopefully. But so did everybody else who helped us – the children who emptied their moneyboxes or sold their flapjacks at school cake sales.”

1. So Appreciative 

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Words just aren’t enough for us to express how much we appreciate everyone’s help and the support the donor is offering. We just want to get to America now and get Zac in treatment.” The family is planning to fly out to the United States very soon to get Zac the treatment that he needs! We can only wish him and his family all the best.