Man and gorillas share a lot of similarities as from an evolutionary perspective we are some kind of distant relatives. During the last years, their population has shrunk by actions of man and it is our responsibility and a kind of emotional duty to preserve their natural habitat and protect their populations.  These concerns made multi-millionaire Damian Aspinall create The Aspinall Foundation who has been one of the leading foundations who decided to take action for the gorillas. When Damian was starting the foundation though he couldn’t imagine what would happen years later when he decided to introduce his wife to some of the gorillas he once rescued in the first days of his actions.

20. Gorilla Protection Project

Damian Aspinall led the gorilla protection program back in 2003 and managed to rescue and transfer gorillas into the Batéké Plateau National Park in Gabon where these majestic creatures would be safe. During this process he bonded especially with two little gorillas named Djanta and Ima, knowing little about how much of an impact bond will have on his marriage.

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